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Epic Fail week 7 !

Decided to run 3rd part of week 7 in the park (all runs prior on a treadmill) and failed to follow the 25 minutes non stop-at best, I'd say my performance was at week 4-the only part I managed was the last full 5 minutes, with an increase in speed for the final minute! Hard to work out my treadmill speed against my outdoor speed-could this be the cause-or do static indoor runners generally come up against this? Any help appreciated-I was doing really well until this.

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Hi Flyfighter,

I'm finished week 2 run 3 on Friday and that was my first run in the park too. I have to say that it was way harder than the treadmill also. I know that my speed was faster than on the treadmill as the treadmill always made sure I didn't run too fast. However the main thing I think is the gradual inclines that are so slight it's hard to notice and shift in surface type. I think those extra factors make it harder but saying that I'll be alternating between park and treadmill I think.

I'm thinking if you slow down ever more in the park you would complete it easily :)

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I've had loads of problems converting treadmill speed to outdoor speed. If you've done what I've done, you will be running much quicker outside than you do on a treadmill, without even realising it.

Slow it down.

I've been running at 8 - 8.5 KMH (7:30 - 7 min/km) on a treadmill.

When I run outside, I run at what I think is my usual pace, but according to Strava, I was actually running 6:30-6:00 min/km which is 9-10kmh.

I have to fight to keep the speed down when running outside.

Use the chart to work out what pace you need and get your app to call out your pace at regular intervals. I use Strava at .5k intervals now so it's easier to manage when to speed up and slow down. (Normally it's slow down)


Speed, speed, speed. Just forget about speed, it has no place in C25k. All you have to do is finish the session. Do that and worry about the peripheral stuff post graduation.

Take the positives, leave the negatives out on the trail. They are no good to you. Come on! 😊

It's beautiful out. What could possibly get anyone down about running today, perhaps 'cept not running ☺


I think you have rather missed my point-this was my first time outside of a treadmill and I struggled-nothing about being 'down' just need some support.


I did the programme on the treadmill until Week 7. Luckily for me I actually found running outside easier because of the distractions around and in my head I liked the fact I made physical progress as I actually 'moved' along rather than just seeing how far I'd run as a number on a treadmill.

I would say really really REALLY slow down. Even when you think you are going slowly, try to take it down another gear and give yourself reminders every minute or so to make sure you're staying slow. Obviously try to avoid hills or inclines as well and try to run on as flat a surface as you can manage (I never realised how slopey some pavements are until I started running!). If you want to complete the programme on the treadmill before you go outside then you absolutely can! Don't listen if anyone tells you it's not 'real' running because it is! You're still doing better than when you were sitting on the couch too :)


Thank you for all the support given-my first struggle on this journey for me-so much appreciated.


Your words "epic fail" led me to think you were down. My mistake


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