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Week 1 Run 2

I did my second run today, it felt better but it also felt like it was never going to end. I think I will have a rest day tomorrow. The biggest problem I have right now is the fact that I am looking to lose weight and running for 8 minutes doesn't burn that much calories so I am not sure if I should do additional runs? Also I tend to snack a lot, any advice on how I could stop? I know the common things are snack on healthy stuff and I have tried it but it just ends up like me snacking until everything is gone.

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Well done for completing the second run!

Don't do additional runs - you need to take the rest days to repair the muscle damage each run causes.

You are correct that initially the running isn't going to burn many calories, but you need to view this as a long term change to your health and over the longer term your body will change and you will become more toned.

So far as snacking is concerned - you need to look at alternatives to stop yourself - have a drink (sometimes our brain receives the wrong message and you are actually thirsty rather than hungry). It can sometimes be boredom so do something else - go for a walk around the block rather than eat.



As SC says, you should always be taking a rest day between runs. You can always do some other activity on your rest day – I do yoga – but walking and swimming etc is also good. Anything but running!

It is a sad fact we all come to realise, but running will not really make much of a dent alone if you are wanting to lose some weight. However, running and adjustments to diet = bingo! And you don't have to go all out on some kind of daft, restrictive, soul-destroying diet – just make a few healthy swaps and perhaps try slightly smaller portions. I find running really helps in terms of evaluating what you eat. I mean, who does a lovely, health-enhancing run and then fancies a greasy burger?! (Well, maybe some folk do, I shouldn't be so narrow minded!)

Snacking can be a habit, and one that is hard to break, I completely understand. Do you snack because you are hungry or bored? Drinking water or a hot drink can thwart some snacking desires, sometimes! Not keeping any snacks in the house can also help…then the temptation is removed!

Well done on completing run 2! Keep up the good work. Running has really toned me up, and though I haven't lost one single pound, my body does look different – most importantly, more lungs feel GREAT and I am generally more cheerier.


Hi there, and congratulations on your second run :-)

I just wanted to add to what Sadie said. I'm not overweight, but not as thin as I used to be! I've found that simply doing this running has indeed made me think about what I eat. For example I go out to a church group on Mondays, straight from work. I no longer crave my usual kebab, and usually have a much healthier sandwich instead.

I think the running has much more far reaching consequences than just physical fitness. For me it's affected my mental well ring in a positive way.

Good luck, and I really encourage you to stick with it, and use the support this forum provides.


Well done on completing W1 R2 Aiminghigh😊

Agree with days are a must. Trust that the program will will..and that you will be able to run for longer and longer times until you can run for 30 minutes..😊

In order to do this safely, follow the rules, just take it nice and steady as you work through the program one run at a time.

Good luck with W1 R3 after your rest day.😆x


You must take a rest day between every run..without fail:)

Running will not guarantee weight SC1472 says.. this is a lifestyle change!

Snacking? Well, just stop or snack healthy.. so many excellent choices out there:)

Everyone has the ability to choose... so choose to start to become what you want to be... You have already doing on that :)

Also.. slow down.. if it was hard.. then slow down more... you can do this ...:)

" Self Control... Stop. Think. Is this what your Really Want..?"

That answers the weight question and the running too :)


I too have just done run 2, half the joy is getting back through the front door again . I wish I didn’t feel such a lumbering giraffe, my inner gazelle is well hidden! I too found it disappointing to see how few calories I burned but amazingly I didn’t feel too hungry afterwards . I don’t know what others would say about doing more runs but I think your body has to adjust to any excersise and in my experience a longer brisk walk in between your running days would be great for upping the calorie count . As for snacking , maybe you are a grazer by nature and instead of thinking you are always snacking just think of it as spreading your calories over the whole day the then you can mix the yummy with healthy with no conscience. Good luck with the runs and the weight loss😊


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