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Week 2 run 1 done 😄


So today I got up at 4:20 am and went to work...

5am - 2pm on my feet. 9 hours with sore feet by the end.

Got home, ate a banana, did a couple of bits and then went out on my first week 2 run.

My legs ached during the first couple of runs and wasn’t sure how I was gonna go, but mentally I still felt really good, I wasn’t getting tired, it was just my legs and feet. I kept going, and did the second half through the park instead of the path to see how that felt, the slightly uneven ground through me off a bit.

I felt like I was going slower than I was last week and felt okay with that, but actually I went faster than I had been so that’s an extra bonus :)

Excited to get back to my early morning run on Monday morning :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

On an extra note, my Apple Watch, which uses my phones GPS, got roughly 500m less than the strava app (which uses my phones GPS). Weird and not sure which to believe!

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Well done you! That’s brilliant! You did it! ❤️

I did thank you!


Nice job!

Don't worry about being a bit slower in W2. A lot of us get slower each week as the durations get longer. And that's just fine. It's not about distance yet.

Keep plugging away. And various bits of tech report distances in slightly different ways. Just pick the tech you like most and go with it.

Yeah like it wasn’t really bothering me that I felt a bit slower but I think it was purely down to the 9 hour shift before hand ahah.

Yeah I worked out why - I think I lost a bit of signal towards the end and strava thought I’d gone down a little road and back when I hadn’t - I think that’s where the extra distance came from!

Hopefully I’ll feel good as I do the next two runs of the week :)

sallensonGraduate in reply to Sortyourlife

Going out after a long day on your feet is truly heroic :-)

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