Week 1, Run 2 - Ankles hurting

I've just started the programme this week - I did my second run today and while the 60 second runs felt better, the 90 second walking parts actually felt worse with my ankles really hurting. Is this normal and do you think it will go away after I get used to this, or is this anything I should worry about? I'm also breaking in new shoes (Brooks Barefoot shoes - my first time in barefoots as well) - and I wondered if maybe that had something to do it. Any advice/help appreciated! :)


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  • Congrats to you getting off that couch! 1st of all make sure that you are in a running shoe that supports your type of feet. 2nd of all you are using muscles that you might not have used in a long time and sometimes we compensate and make other parts of the body suffur...When I first started my calves use to feel like they were on fire for about 5 weeks....so hang in there and make sure you have done your research has on a decent pair of running shoe suitable for your feet and don't forget to stretch.....good luck and hang in there...YOU GOT THIS!

  • Thanks very much for your reply. I got my shoes after getting a gait analysis done at Runners Need and they had suggested these shoes for my feet and as I was a beginner runner - so hopefully the shoes are right, and hopefully you're right that it's just the muscles. That does make sense. I walk quite a bit (fairly brisk 45 minute walk to/from work about 4-5 a week) but it is quite different to the running. Hopefully next time will feel better!

  • Remember...be patient....that's my problem ...but I'm learning slowly but surely!....you will be fine...listen to your body and keep up the good work!

  • You're walking then, not running? Walking is really good and a good lead-in to running. I started off walking regularly while I was losing weight. Once I'd lost nearly four stones I thought I would give running a go. I did and am loving it.

  • Well, I walk regularly to work but I've just started week 1 of the C25k so doing the running/walking combination - and that is the only time my ankles hurt. I walked to work this morning (45 minutes) and felt fine.

  • It's new runners ankle then. Your ankles will get used to the change of speed

  • It was much better today! :)

  • I have no experience of barefoot shoes but I have read that they take some getting used to and, particularly if you are a "heel striker", they can cause injury if you're not used to them. If you walk a lot maybe you are tending to hit the ground heel first, as you do when you're walking. I think in barefoots it's quite important to toe or mid-foot strike because you don't have the support in the heel as you would with normal trainers. But - as I say - I have no personal experience - I just read a lot! If it was a good running shop you got them from maybe worth going back to ask their advice.

  • Thank you! I think you're right. I just did w1r3 and my ankles didn't hurt much at all, but I was paying extra attention to not landing on my heel.

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