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Week 1 Run 1 - Not so bad

I was planning to start my c25k journey on Tuesday but have been champing at the bit to get going for a few days already and so went for my first run this morning.

I have to say I am stunned at how comfortable I felt. I set out determined to take it easy and not have my lungs feel like they were on fire and as such my running/jogging pace was very gentle (I don't know how fast/slow because I left my GPS stuff at home). With that said, it felt comfortable to the extent that at the end of the 7th and 8th 60 second runs, I felt like I wanted to keep going.

Run 2 will be on Tuesday but if truth be told, I am already looking forward to Week 2.

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Well done Dunder you are off to great start :) don't worry about pace etc ,slow and slower still if needs be :) Good luck with the rest of your runs and keep posting with your progress :D


Welcome Dunder, sounds like you've got the bug already! Will enjoy watching you progress through the programme.


Well done for starting :) A few times my pace has been as slow (if not slower) than people around me walking, but as Laura will say, it's not about the speed, it's about distance. :D


Well done chap! I would recommend leaving anything which measures pace or distance at home until at least Week 9 - it just doesn't matter. The programme will take you safely through to running for 30 mins, and then the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you like. Getting involved in stats (unless you are really good!) can just be a bit disheartening sometimes. Just keep doing what Laura tells you and it'll all pan out nicely :)


Thanks for the advice. It makes perfect sense but it will be a big challenge for me to heed it. I am a bit of a stats/analytics freak unfortunately and tracking my progress using them is a big part of the appeal. I will try to leave them at home but no promises ;)

In terms of the remainder of Week 1, I am not sure how to proceed. As mentioned, I felt really comfortable today and as such could, presumably, have gone a fair bit faster. Should I be aiming to running myself to exhaustion or finishing with a good bit left in the tank?


just find a pace that is comfortable for you... its all about completing each run; speed and times are very much a secondary factor....also bear in mind that your body is going to be put through a lot more stress over the next few weeks you don't want to pick up an injury if you can avoid it.

you will have runs that you find difficult and may have to redo....everyone has had that problem. good luck sounds like you have the running bug already ;)


That makes sense, thanks.

The progression from 60 second runs to 20 minutes (W5R3) in just over 4 weeks is going to be tough. I guess I will just try to plod along.


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