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Collywobbles in Week 5 (second time around)


Although I am a graduate (honestly, truly I am and still can't quite believe it), I am working my way up to running 10k, because that was a distance I used to do a couple of years back.

Having taken the excellent advice from Bluebirdrunner on consolidation at the 5k 30 minutes, I have been slowly ramping up my distance to just about 7k now.

I thought it would be a good idea not just to manage that progression myself but to use an app. I quite like the structure of being told what to do as I feel someone else has done the sports science bit and I am not risking an injury, by following a specific programme.

I looked at the bridge to 10k forum, looked at Stepping Stones and decided I didn't really like the look of them for me. So i went off piste and bought the 'Ease into 10k' app, a 10 week plan to get you to 10km. As I am at a stage of 7km running without pausing I thought I could start on the app's Week 5.

Seemed perfect, oh JCR how wrong can you be? First of all it's a shouty American voice who uses the imperative tense to order you to run and walk. Secondly no mapping integration and thirdly it doesn't record my playlists, which I like to know.

So after what I think was a really trying run (if you want the gory details go to, I have come to the conclusion that runners' collywobbles can hit you at any time.

Before I did today's run I had been quite happy with my progress... mmm, now I'm not so sure. This new app has meant I was running/walking for less distance all told than I usually run.

It's not a crisis or anything, just a glitch and now I am not really sure whether to persevere with the app, or go back to doing my own thing, which is basically consolidation running and a couple of extended runs using IannodaTruffe suggestion of the 10% rule, as I had been anyway.

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That's a tricky one Jan, I'm hoping to build up to 10k, so this is of great interest to me, at the moment I'm doing a few weeks of 5k three times a week.

Yes I was a bit miffed because it is 9 minutes running with 1 of walking and that totally seemed to mess up my timings, in fact my breathing was worse than my usual non stop run. I must admit I think I will go back to my own devices, unless its one of those things that re-introducing intervals is more helpful in the long run.

Do your own thing to get to 10K I umd and ahd about using an app but ended up doing the 10 after a few weeks of doing 5 km and only did the 10k because I was looking for a footpath which I didn't find and then had to decide whether to walk or run so run I did and 10km was done

You know I think I was better off on my own.... so I think you're right.

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Did you increase the length of the run weekly? If so how much each week? I've just signed up for Manchester 10k in May for British heart foundation, so I was hoping to be doing 10k fairly comfortably by then.

Okay looking at my map my run

First week after graduation in and around 5k running for each of the three runs

Second week 2 x 5.5 kms and one 6

Third week 2x6 kms and one 5.5

Fourth week 2x 6 kms and one 6.5

Fifth week 2 x 6.5 and one 7

I tried to follow more or less the idea in distance of the C25K idea, of consolidation and a stretch. ...does that help?

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That looks perfect Jan, I will use this as my 5k_2_10 Jancangetmeto10kapp. You are a star 🌟🌟🌟

My pleasure, I don't accept money but a virtual Tunnocks caramel wafer gratefully received....


I played around with a few 10k apps/plans but fairly quickly decided to just enjoy running and adding a bit on each or any time it felt like a good move.

One morning it all just felt "right" at my starting line. I had not set out from the house to run 10K - I think I was only up to about 8 at that stage - but somehow I just "knew" that morning that "everything feels comfortably perfect"

So, would not recommend doing that much of an increase in time/distance but I did it pretty comfortably.

I like what Rignold said once - every run is an incremental payment towards the next longest one. I had enough in the bank to cover that "overdraft" but did not have in my last long run. So, it's always good to be careful - but don't be surprised if one morning you simply feel like you have a million mile voucher to cash in ;)

Ok that's it I've decided back to the Jancanrun method... with thanks to Rignold, IrishJohn and MoK. You know I should have been warned when after purchasing it, there was a warning that said once downloaded you couldn't get a refund...

I like the incremental payment idea very much and that makes sense to me.

I think we all suffer a bit because the C25K programme and app were SOOOO good that there never is anything that quite measures up to it. I'm going to my local running club beginners group this evening... eek!

You know there is definitely something in that... I miss Mr Smooth, i miss the comfort of knowing it's a controlled safe programme, also the bit that when you talk of 'OMG Its W5 R3' on here that people know instinctively what you mean... without you having to say explicitly. Good luck with your meeting this evening, I am sure they will be lovely - all the runners we meet on here are!

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I agree. I would like a couch to 10k prog.

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I so want that one too...


I'm glad I read this Mrs JCR! I've been toying with the idea of an app to get to the next stage but I may well just stick to my own counsel and the advice on this site. Several weeks of 5k consolidation and parkruns have gone nicely with my first foray into longer distance today, 6 and a bit k. A shouty American rather than a nice calm smooth sounding one seems to be a pretty scary prospect!

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I think one problem is you can't actually get a 'test' of the app, because I think had I done so I would have looked we don't have Park runs in Italy well we do but a 4 hour drive to Milan or Rome doesn't really work for me, I really wanted a known discipline, to keep me on track safely... and the voice is a personal thing. I hate people telling me what to do a please goes an awful long way. I found out that you can actually calibrate the prompts - I think it is quite clever in that it seems to follow your pace. But just no good for me. There are so many folks here who have run the runs, that I feel fine now doing my own thing.... and checking out other graduate experiences...


I was following a podcast and got up to 7k doing it, but the only way I could make sure I ran the right time was to turn round at the half way point which really doesn't work for me (not sure why), so, having got up to this distance I started to just run doing different lengths and experimenting with different routes. My current running has taken a turn though as I am doing C25K with a friend (currently on week 2) - this involves running uphill to her house (just over 2k) doing the run/walk with her then running back home.

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Yes I never actually got the turning round at half time thing sorted... are we twins? 😊 I think I am happier doing my own thing and just being sensible on distance extensions. Just shows not everything shiny on the App Store is worth buying ....


The C25K+ podcasts.don't suit everyone..I dislike Stepping Stones.but found,Speed and Stamina really did many of us,after consolidation runs. Many of us use them within longer runs now. The running disciplines within them are useful.

Many of the 10K graduates use Sami Murphy..there is also a very good First 10K plan in Women's Running..I used the 10K revisited plan when I wanted to improve my time

It was interesting and challenging. I find,I am fine on my own..for some runs....I used Stamina to aid me towards 7K ...but for a longer stint, for me, external structure helps.

I would incorporate some short speedy runs..e.g.a 20 min ir so 3K... and some longer,slower ones, 6 to 8K...somewhere in your..plan.. maybe post this on Bridge to 10 K too for more advice🙂

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Thanks OldFloss, I am conscious I need extra tools in my armoury, so I think I do have to play around, especially as I have to be a tarmac pounder. As I say not a full blown crisis, but definitely an 'mmm moment'.


If I were you...I’d go back to IannodaTruffe’s were doing ok I presume before this? Why fix something that isn’t broken????

Nice to see that graduates have wobbles too...not that I want you to or anything, just saying x

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Thanks I believe I have a workable recipe, with some tweaks and I just got the wobbles all on my own-some! As Oldfloss says you learn something every time you go out. And I did!

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You certainly do what you do best x


Ah, you can do this, Jan. Anyone who braved Lucifer can do anything.

I did consolidation and was doing 5k three times per week for a few months. Each time either around 30min or even a few mins below the mark.

Once that felt comfy I used the same pace calculator and went with 10% rule, and elusive 10K appeared quickly.

I'm now running that distance every week, have done 4 so far and once I've done it 5 times l will claim the badge. Why? God knows. That comes from a guy who completed the 5k program twice before claiming the first accolade. Let's say l wasn't happy how l did the first round ;)

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Ah yes i know that feeling well.. the I did it but it wasn't quite right feeling. I guess I had some niggling doubts that I was doing the 'right thing'. And of course there is the wrong thing but not necessarily a right one. I was definitely happier before, so back to my own meanderings again, but I do think Oldfloss makes a good point. I am a one surface runner, its tarmac. There's no 'public' parks with grass around here and the pista I use is tarmac too. So by varying speed and other tricks I should improve and strengthen my style.... 10k is in my sights for about another 5 weeks time. I am not in a hurry to achieve it. Sustainability is the key!


I definitely agree with the idea of consolidate then extend. I've also been building up to 10k for a race next weekend, but having not done as much running as I would have liked over the summer, I've had to ramp up my distance rather more quickly.

I've been following a 4 week programme with 2 shorter and 1 longer run each week:

Week 1: 2 x 2 miles and 1 x 3 miles

Week 2: 2 x 2.5 miles and 1 x 4 miles

Week 3: 2 x 3 miles and 1 x 5 miles

Week 4: Taper to race: 2 x 3 miles, 1 x 2 miles


My longest run before starting this was 6.2km back in June but I've had no problems with this programme and easily managed the 5 mile run last weekend.

Good luck with your build up to 10k.

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Thanks so much, it is interesting how differently we are all tackling the extension of distance...

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