Week 5 run 3 :-)

I did it :-) . i wasn't quite sure I could do it and I usually leave my third run until Saturday morning but I wanted to get it in the bag ( and also give myself a second chance to complete it on Sunday). I went out tonight having had Laura freeze on me twice before I left the house. I did my walk and started running much closer to home than I usually do. I got to the 5 minute mark and thought "I can actually do this " then when I reached the point where my first 8 minute run finished on Wednesday my phone went silent. Nothing. I carried on for what I thought was another minute and still nothing. I had to stop running for about 30 seconds to rest the app then started running again. I decided to run for 1 song and then class this as the 10 minute mark. Laura didn't desert me again after that. I finished and felt great, wobbly but great. Only when I got home and looked at my garmin did I realise that I had run for 23 minutes with only a 30 second break in the middle. So although I didn't quite do the 20 minutes without stopping I think I will treat this as a victory and move on to week 6. There's no stopping me now. I might celebrate with some new running socks :-)


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12 Replies

  • Well done, I completed my W5R3 this morning. Still feeling over the moon I managed it. Nice you kept going even if Laura wasn't with you. One good result.

  • Congrats to you too. We are all at the same stage. Bring on wk6.

  • Well done! It is not as difficult as your head would have you believe before you start, plus the feeling at the end makes up for anything. Keep running and ENJOY "you can do it".

  • Well done, definitely a victory :) Funnily enough, I treated myself to new running socks at the end of week 8, but when I put them on for my first run of week 9 today, I couldn't do it and put the old ones back on. Got to finish the programme in the trusty pair I've been wearing (and washing, I might add) so far! Good luck with week 6.

  • I have gone mad on new clothing, it's one of the things that has motivated me. When I started, I already owned a good quality merino base layer (top and bottom) plus some decent trainers and a few old T shirts, trackie bottoms etc plus a sports bra. After W1R2 I bought 2 pairs of running tights, 2 tops, another sports bra and a pair of compression socks. I have since bought 2 sets of capris, 2 more tops, another sports bra and another pair of socks. I now don't have enough space to store it all in (when it's not in the laundry). But I look very snazzy in a fat bird in Lycra way.

  • Thanks Cod, I feel like you have just given us all permission to go shopping lol (although I did already promise myself new trainers when I finish Week 9 - yippee!)

  • Well done Stef, that sounds like great progress. W5r3 really feels good.

  • Well done, and you should defo treat yourself to the socks ;)

  • Oooh my podcast did the same on Week 5 , I remember it !

    I didnt know whether I was coming or going, stopping, starting , running or walking at one point , it was mental ha ha ! :-D

    I think its a test that Laura throws at us so she can have a quick sit down on the sofa, watch a bit of telly and have a cheeky G & T Ha ha :-D

    Anyway , you passed the test with flying colours, Well done ! :-D xxx

  • Fantastic Stef, well done! You must be ( and should be) on top of the world! What an achievement - Congratulations! :-)

  • Well done! You deserve a treat! After W5r3 I felt I could justify buying new shoes to help prevent injuries now I'm running such long distances!!

  • Well done! Doesn't it feel great, looking forward to week 6, am treating myself to new trainers when I finish the programme and are a 'real' runner!

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