W5R3 – did it!

This forum had built up Run 3 / Week 5 to such a point that I was a little worried. But I just kept going (helped of course by the wonderful Michael Johnson) and it was fine... Just like everyone had said in the kind replies to my first post -- just follow the programme, it works.

And I'm loving it!

One question: how do you know how far you've run? Is there an app? Do I need a fit bit? Am not so technical...

Thank you!


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10 Replies

  • It's amazing how much the programme prepares you for the longer runs without you even realising isn't it!! Well done on W5r3 only another 12 runs to go!!

    As for tracking how far you've run there are plenty of apps you can use - I think Strava is quite popular there's also runtastic, run keeper, mapmyrun to name a few, but as I'm sure others will say it's not all that important, although the app is called C25K it's more about being able to run for 30 minutes, some people do manage 5k in that time and some don't. The main thing while working through the program is to go at a pace that you can sustain for 30 minutes

  • Strava is fab ..... I've just done W5 R1 and I'm dreading run 3 😩😩

  • Don’t dread it..own it!! You can do this 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Well done on completing another week!

    The Forum doesnt build it, the under graduates do. In fairness, the posts are mainly very positive one's, saying how happy they are that they had managed it.

    The secret is to have a positive mental attitude as you go into each run.

  • Not this undergrad, Jacs! 😀 I have complete faith in this well-thought out running programme, and am looking forward to run 3 of week 5, which I have lined up for Friday. (Also, I have realised that so much of this running lark requires mental stamina and a positive outlook, so that's how I am approaching each new week.)

    Well done Lizzy! 👏👏👏

  • Yes i should have said 'some' undergrads.

    Great approach to each week, go meet that podium, runner! .

  • Thanks Jacs! I have only recently realised that running requires you to have faith in yourself, and I am somewhat evangelical about it! It has seriously improved my performance, and I feel so sad when I read posts from people doubting themselves before they have even tried. Also, I am telling myself that not completing a run (hasn't happened to me yet, but am prepared that it might) is not a failure. The failure would be not to try...onwards and upwards! xxx

  • thank you

  • Mr Smooth is such a great coach, but you've done all the work... and that smile must be nice and wide. I use map my run on my phone and the distances etc are fine, but I think it depends where you are and mobile signal strength...

    Others prefer strata, endmondo, runkeeper. There are oodles out there.

  • thanks all!

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