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W5R3 I did it!


Thanks to your encouragement and my wife's determination (with whom I run) we have just finished our twenty minute run. Daunting to start with but when we got into our rhythm it got a little easier. We begin to believe we will get to the thirty minutes.

My wife is booked to do Race for Life in July and is looking on course for a good run.

To anyone approaching W5R3, if this old fogey can do it, you definitely can!

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Excellent. Well done to you and you wife. :-) Quite an achievement.


A huge congratulations to the two of you! :-) My husband worked the program with me as well. We found because of height, age, fitness level etc, we kept different paces, but we still made it work. Very well done and welcome to week 6! :-) Gayle


Oh well done! Isn't it a great feeling when you realise you can actually do it! I did W5R3 twice as I thought that the first time must have been a fluke and that an oldie like me ( 54) wouldn't be able to repeat the same trick twice ( I didn't do it immediately, but waited a couple of days).

Very many congratulations to both of you.


Congratulations both of you!

If you can do the 20 minute one, you can do the rest! Just keep plodding on and you will get there.

Slow and steady does it! :) (Or fast if you want to, of course! ;) )


Brilliant and an inspirational couple! :D

Lots of luck for your next few runs, it is so nice that you're in this together...am getting the impression from blogs over the last few days that this forum is providing loads of entrants for Race for Life... Keep us posted of your progress. Cheers, Linda x


Thanks for your blog.

I have W5R3 tomorrow and at the minute I can't stop thinking (code for worrying) about. I hope I do as well you folks.

oldfogeyrunnerGraduate in reply to LandRoverMad

We honestly found it easier than we expected (I don't necessarily mean easy!). I was ready to repeat R2 a couple of times until our fellow bloggers urged me to go for it. I'm so pleased I did and am now ready for the next challenge.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.


I know what you mean about "easier". I have found that to be true on number of the runs.

Watch my blog space tomorrow for my report on R3

Thanks for the encouragement.

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