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W5R3: I did it!!!!

I just got back from my W5R3! I did not have time to drive to different location, so I just walked to my usual location and run around the sports field. It was raining in the beginning, but it stopped quite quickly. Half way trough my Bluetooth headphones run out off energy and I had to just use my phones speakers for rest of the run. Not ideal, but did the job. I found the last 5 min of the 20 min run quite hard, eventhough I was going my usual superslow space. But still I was able to it. I will work on going faster later on. On Sunday I will start W6. The weeks seem to go so quickly.

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Well done! It's a great feeling running 20 mins for the first time isn't it. Before you know I you'll have graduated!


Brilliant. 20 minutes. Great isnt it :D


Great job!


First of the longer runs. Well done!


Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it. Week 6 can trip some people up, so don't worry if you find it harder than you think. (someone warned me about this when I posted about W5R3 and I was glad to know it). Good luck with your journey. It just gets better.

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You certainly did! Many congratulations, you should feel very proud that you can run continuously for 20 minutes! Not many people can.

The heads up about week 6 is spot on. Just take it nice and slowly and you'll be ok.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Congratulations Hemapu (where did that name come from?)


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