W5R3 I did it!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm over the moon today! I run for 20 minutes, despite the cold and the rain, unbelievable! The first 5 minutes passed without even noticing, but by the time I hit 10 minutes I was really tired. When I started, the most difficult thing to me was controlling my breathing and not running out of air, but since last week that is not the case, I have noticed I'm struggling more with my legs, they get really tired and ache when I run for more than 5 minutes straight. I've had sore legs for two weeks! Please tell me this is going to get better...

In any case, my sore self is pretty pleased with herself today!

Seriously guys, when I started I never thought I could get this far. So if someone there is not sure about starting it, please give it a go! You will amaze yourself week after week, and that is just awesome. Thank you, Laura!


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10 Replies

  • You should be pleased..very well done...legs?

    Well,some strength and flex exercises could help. Do them on yr rest days...there is link on the C25K site. Some folk stretch before a run..and make sure you are properly warmed up.

    Then, just really slow..really...and steady.Things should improve 🙂

  • Way to go yaskas! 20 minutes...20 minutes!!!

    And yes, the legs do get easier. I still have really heavy legs but nothing like whilst I was doing the programme.

    Go you! 20 minutes (did I already say that)😉

  • Well done, that is a big milestone.

    Your leg strength will continue to improve just by continuing to run but squats are a fantastic exercise - do as many as you can!

  • Excellent, well done. I am the same with my legs and am just stepping up to week 4 next week :\

  • Those pesky legs get us all ;) ! Many congrats on completing this week. You'll smash next week I'm sure of it...xx

  • It's all about squats, I squat everywhere (my lovely better half wishes I wouldn't..) because if i set aside 10 minutes to dedicate to just squatting I wouldn't - i hate strength exercises, so fitting a few in when I have a spare minute works for me....

    Joking aside, it helps the knees so much, I was struggling with mine but not so much at the moment...

  • Lol, what a image...xx

  • What do other shoppers think ;) ...xx

  • Haha, well I assume they think 'she's doing some sensible strength exercises' but I've been known to wrong on occasion 😉

  • Thank you for your messages, guys! I'll give it a go to the squats!

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