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W5 R3 done, complete

Run 3 done, wasn't as hard as I anticipated, not easy had to slow a bit 3/4 through bug made it. How good do I feel. That is the longest I have run since January 92 when I suffered a major catastrophic effect which involved two days in hospital, a ditch on Salisbury plain and an anaphylatic shock and started the end of my time in the forces.

I feel bloody fantastic at doing completing this stage, I can only think my endorphins will be in over drive big time in four weeks time.

This plan works.

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How fantastic!! I'm only just entering week 3 and reading your words is very encouraging. I'm lovin those endorphin's too and as I've given up drinking also I find the good mood bug from a run is really helping.


I cut back on my wine as well, now find that I don't enjoy it as much as I used too, may as well just cut it out altogether. Stop-tober is just around the corner so I will give it a ho. I think.


This plan sure does work dapsmith😊...

20 mins run....you are testament to it.x

Well done, keep going and enjoying your success 😊x


Well done you a good run under your belt.

The plan works because you have worked too...

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I can see the grin from here.

Great progress.

Read some W6R1 posts. It looks easy and often trips people up.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Oh my goodness!!!

Well done you!!! Keep it slow and steady now as the runs get longer....relax, enjoy and know you will do this:)


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