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One more run but will it be graduation?


Hi lovely people.

Not had a good couple of weeks, mood wise that is. So not only slacked on the running but also have swum less.

Anyway today did do week 9 run 2 and successfully if a bit slower about 2.77km) but it is 9 days since W9R1. In fact this "9 week" journey has taken me 16 weeks (exactly so far.

I know some is because I was swim training too (and one bit on the IC) but the other delays have been because I have reattached to the couch. I have not had to repeat any runs, so either I am fit or just pig headed and refuse to stop.

I have not really enjoyed the last 2 runs either and when Laura said " you can do it" I said "I know I can but do I want to?"

Probably just my mood but it is going to take real effort, probably more mind wise than physical to do that Race for Life in 11 days.

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Well done Nikki, you have done amazing, I hope you enjoy the final run a bit more, let us know how it goes, good luck.

Pig headed and fit Nikki :)

Sorry you have had a dodgy couple of weeks and that you are struggling with motivation but you have plenty of chutzpah, grit and determination. I am sure you can do this (and you will find again the 'want' to do it too) and I for one will be cheering you on. :)

Graduation is in sight :)

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to helenwheels

But rather than 3 x 30min runs in a week, it will be more like 3 x 30min runs in 3 weeks.


Much sympathy! My mood often attaches me to the couch (or bed). I just started week 8 and so far this has taken me over 10 weeks. It can be super hard sometimes to 'just do it' (as the advertising says). The extra 'rest days' I've had so far have certainly not been due to swimming!

Are you... worried about the Race for life? Is that subconsciously pushing your mood down?

You say that you are questioning if you are even enjoying it? You might not be but being depressed is well known to stop us enjoying things we used to. Luckily, running helps lift depression... but if only it were that simple to just turn it around!

You did go out today for which you absolutely deserve to feel good and have a pat on the back. If you have continued out of pig-headedness... or as I like to call it, the admirable quality of tenacity... that's pretty amazing, actually.

I am just rambling but here are a few other tidbits - your posts have inspired me and what you're doing with the swimming and race for life is pretty awesome.

I hope you feel much better soon :)

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to icklegui

Thank you. Sounds like you understand, that helps. I switch moods roughly each full moon? Although the changes are not really related to anything (I have been very up during times with bad things going on), I have also had some unexpected problems with the house requiring building work and it is still not clear how bad the problem is, definitely uncertainty and mess do not help my mood :(

Cant say I am worried about the Race for Life. If too bad can stop (not so easy when swimming!)

I did get out today and I hope that is a sign that my mood is turning again (although next full moon is 6th Oct)

ickleguiGraduate in reply to nikkiwabit

I think a lot of people understand, but of course even within those of us who have 'mood issues' in common, there is difference so I hope it really does help rather than me sounding like "well I'm like this so I assume you are too" .

I can imagine tho' the uncertainty with your house issues - my parallel to that is currently my partner's redundancy, which neither of us are doing well with. Can also relate to sometimes doing "well" when things are bad. Weird, eh.

Glad the Race for Life isn't pressuring - of course one can stop indeed! It's still amazing just to sign up.

I do hope your mood is turning - someone once used the weather as an analogy, you might have rain but wait long enough and it will surely change. In the meantime I'm sure we can stretch the analogy and say that we have umbrellas (running, this forum :) )

Keep running and posting when you can :)

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to icklegui

Thank you, I think I can tell between the word that you do have similar issues. Actually I just remembered that I was persuaded to sign up for the Race for Life with me saying to friends "but you know I don't do land based exercise" (which actually makes it worth sponsoring me) and planning to walk it ( a challenge enough back them - lol 3 months ago) then talking to a couple of triathletes at the reservoir on a bizarre day with a 45 min queue to get in! and saying I didn't know how to run - one, yes a triathlete, suggested C2K.

Hope your uncertainties settle soon.



CB27LJ10 in reply to nikkiwabit

Totally get you...I'm the same with the moon n mood lol, I suffer from depression and have found that running lifts my moods but sometimes the mood stops me getting out at all! Its so annoying 🤔

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to CB27LJ10

I have mood swings both ways, so sometimes overdo it too. I agree if you can get out then it does help, it is just the managing to move that is a pain.

CB27LJ10 in reply to nikkiwabit

Good luck with Race for Life btw 🏃🏅😊

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to CB27LJ10


SO? There is nothing that says you have to do it any other way than the way you do it :) Sometimes stuff gets in the way. Don't be hard on yourself Nikki, I'm not sure I would have kept coming back after the trials you have faced on the way to graduation. You are a runner!


Well done on W9R2 Nikki. Fantastic on going out after a 9 day break. :-)


I can't find anywhere in the rules that state all runs must be in the same week, not about all 9 weeks being sequential.

What you have achieved so far is amazing, I'm sorry you've had a bad time recently but you can do this, I know what you mean about some of the silly things Laura says, you know, you're 24 minutes through a 25 minute run and she says 'I know you're tired', my usual gasping reply is 'No s**t Sherlock'.

All joking aside, whether you are pig headed or getting fitter, you had done this so far, you are ONE run off of graduating, who care's if you've taken slightly longer to do it?


You are fit... certainly a lot fitter too.. pig headed.. I cannot comment... but determined to stay off the couch..( most of the time:)

This is your do it your way...:) Your Race for will do.. and if you need to walk, then walk... but you will do it:)


I know where you're coming from! It's so tough sometimes, Well done! Keep pushing through!

You have grit and a touch of bloody-mindedness it seems to me, because hey you're still here still going after the graduation and not quitting. For that it's an amazing thing, you've had injury, you swim, you've suffered from motivation issues, but nikki you're still here. You post and you comment on others too. Your graduation run, for sure is a graduation run and it will be wonderful to see you there. I am sure your usual grit will pull you through.


Okay Doc, we could send the heavies round (You ready Floss?) to surgically remove you from the couch, using minimal force, of course, or we could just use gentle persuasion.........

You have nearly completed this training plan and have pushed yourself out of your comfort is a great accomplishment and you should be proud. So many of us have followed your progress, wondering...........well, just wondering.........and now you are on the verge, the very cusp and you deserve to have a memorable occasion when you slow down after your graduation run, with the virtual cheers of loads of us ringing in your sweat soaked ears.

Set up your grad run, not to be just another slog, but a special and momentous event marking your transition to graduate status with celebrations, fireworks, public holidays, amnesties for all PE teachers and world peace.

Go on, you know you want to.

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Ty. I feel I have always trusted your words. Floss did come to mind btw when I was sure the running was slower than the brisk walk at the warm up lol.

I will go on of course but the mood has made me feel the final run wont feel as celebratory as it would have done a few weeks ago.

P.S. do not mention PE teachers I had a bad relationship with mine, (I refused to run actually!) until the final year when we eventually went to the pool - I am still convinced she could not swim.

Due to life events (nil serious but parents visiting e.g) it will likely be the weekend - except the park has "events" (rabbit ears on purpose) in it then.

Hi nikkiwabit, can't wait to hear that you have completed your Graduation run. We are all ready to give you the biggest cheer😊xx

Then you can wear your badge with pride (virtually) for your Race for Life...

Hey Nikkiwabbit, have missed your posts. You helped me a lot getting going again and I thank you for that.

Hope you afford yourself a little of the kindness you clearly are good at showing others and really enjoy this last run.

We’re neck and neck, taking the long way round, but you’re edging me in the final straight at the moment 😉

Go girl!!!

Can't wait for the weekend to see that shiny graduate badge after your name!!


It took me 21 weeks but I got there in the end. You're nearly there now & that's brilliant! 😉

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