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MoRun 5k will be my graduation run. Hmm... Worried!

Hi all

Due to various circumstances (mostly involving moving out of a damp mouse infested house) I am several weeks behind my planned schedule. The idea was to graduate at least a month before the 5k MoRun I had entered so I could have a few casual runs under my belt in the weeks before it and not be so overwhelmed.

Well things went to pot and very curiously it now happens that the MoRun next Saturday will be my graduation run!

I am worried because in all my 28minute runs (including the warm up/cool down) I'm only covering 4.9k. I don't know how much more I'll need time wise to cover 5k without the walking bits and I'm concerned it'll be way too much more time I'm not used to - say 40 minutes in total.

I feel like an idiot for getting side tracked and a massive amount of pressure to complete both my graduation run and THE "I can do it, I've proved this to myself, onwards and upwards" official 5k on the same day.

Has anyone did an official race on graduation day? Has anyone been worried about their distance? I don't know what to expect on race day and I really don't want to let myself duwn when I have come this far. I haven't stopped once in the running sections and am horribly single minded and hard on myself. Hmmm!

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Please ignore my spelling and grammar errors :) typing on the phone!


I had a 6k race two days after graduation and I was very nervous but I took the attitude that I was not going to worry about the pace but just complete the course without walking or stopping. It worked, although during the last month I was running every 1.5 days to complete the c25k in time.

I would not worry about pace except to say don't start fast! Try to run it at your own speed and your fellow runners will 'carry you around'. If I can do 6k after qualifying, you can definitely do 5k and have a blast at the same time.

Good luck!


OK so you are doing 4.9K in about 38 minutes as I understand it with 28 mins running and 10 mins walking. ....0.10k, which is what you need to get to 5K is no distance at all, so even if you walked the extra distance you would probably finish at the 40 minute mark. Is that a problem ? You may very well find that running with a lot of other people that you find you do actually carry on running the whole distance being carried along with the atmosphere in which case you will be well under 40 mins. If 40 mins is the worst that is going to happen (you can definitely do the distance even if you walk a bit) you haven't got a problem. Not at all. Go for it !


I ran the Mo 5K this morning after a few weeks without running, and my last C25K was W8R3. I ran a hilly course in 32.10 with knee twinges and was happy with that! You will be fine, enjoy it! My advice is draw on a moustache, my sticky one annoyed me something chronic!


Oh fab ! Well done Cookie, a great run and for a fantastic cause !

Congratulations to you ! :-) xxx


Don't be so hard on yourself Ceelou, you will be fine !

Good luck to you and well done for taking part for a brilliant cause .

Don't panic, youre not competing against anyone, kick those head gremlins into touch, just go out and enjoy it ! :-) xxx


Go and enjoy! As someone has pointed out, 28mins running plus 10minutes walk if you had to with only 0.1k short and you'd be done in 40mins even if you didn't run it all. I did the 10k one today and I'm not fast and I overtook a few 5k runners who were walking and had started 10mins earlier than us, plus I was at the back of the 10k runners. I can guarantee you'll fit right in and I'm sure you'll manage to run 5k if you go slow and steady and at your own pace (biggest problem I think people find is going off too fast with the crowd! Don't be afraid to be slower, you will pass some of these people later on as they run out of steam!) most of all enjoy! Oh and the tip about a painted mustache vs a stick on one is right. The amount on the floor as we ran round was impressive whereas I had used halloween black face paint and it stayed intact even with a bit of sweating! :)


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