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One run left

So I have one run left before I've completed the 9 weeks, I've not hit 5k on any of the runs yet, but my BIG question is? What do I do next? I found a marathon training plan online and long term I would like to do a marathon but I feel maybe that would be jumping the gun a little bit. What have other people done after they've finished? Joining a running club is out of the question for the next three months and park runs aren't looking likely either for the time being.

Any suggestions / thoughts?

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I graduated on Wednesday and went out for my first post grad run, and had been wondering exactly the same as you but I really enjoyed just 'going for a run' for 30 mins with no pressure and so have decided to just do that 3 times a week and enjoy it. I do hope I will magically pick up my woefully slow pace a bit. If you want to be a little more goal orientated, do you have any races near you that you could aim for?


This is what you do after the ELATION of graduating C25K.


There can be a bit of a come down after graduation as the "goal" has been attainted. The thing to do is to carry on setting yourself goals which can be ;

1. Getting your 5K run under 30 mins.

2. Participating in PArkRun

3. Work your way up to achieving 10K

4. Enter 5K races

But above all - run 3 times per week. Don't stop. You HAVE HAVE HAVE to keep going for at least 12 weeks for your brain to say to itself - "Running is what I do and will always do as part of my life". You've already done 9, so another 3 weeks and you'll be hooked proper!

Go kick some ass!


Absolutely right and very well put. Someone should pin this here!


I stupidly (or maybe not so stupidly) joined up for a HM, once i've done that I want to get my 5k time down (it seems to be going up the more I run!) after that, I have no idea but as Dan says, pick something you think you'll enjoy and go work towards it (I've decided HM's take too much training time so will be sticking to 10k's in future if I want a challenge, no Marathons for me!) :)


I just graduated and my plan is to run 3 times a week - twice for 30 minutes and the third for a bit longer until I get to 5k. I'm also going to sign up for a race at the end of August. I think Dan's advice is good. I think some kind of structure or goal will help to prevent a lack of motivation. Good luck with your last run!


Don't forget the C25K+ podcasts - they're good for a few post-grad outings at least, once the novelty of just being able to run for 30 minutes has worn off. (Actually not sure the novelty has quite worn off for me yet...)


Personally I think a goal or aim doesn't have to be progression, for instance I made it a goal to enjoy my runs so sometimes I didn't track them and listened to my favourite music, or you might enjoy tweaking your routes, perhaps try trail running or the beach if you're near. Best advice I can give you is enjoy your running, you'll know when the time is right to progress speed or distance. :-)


C25K+ and Sami Murphy bridge to 10 k podcasts. That will keep you busy for months

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I am working on my 5k time but also enjoying running.

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