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Fat and red and huffing and puffing, the man in Pasadena goes joffling

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Well not quite the girl from Ipanema but you get the point.

But get this people.....I just ran for 20 minutes!!!!!

And it's the first time I have down 'city running' as at home we live in the middle of nowhere and its fields and forests and last week it was a specially built running track / road in Brea, California.

So it was with some trepidation that I had to do W5R3 in a city.

But it was great.

I changed the playlist to my playlist I sometimes have on the motorbike and to the sounds of cheesy rock anthems off I went.

A bit of a struggle getting into my rhythm but then it was great.

It was a 5.30am start so the place was empty and loads to look and be nosy at.

I even started enjoying it and wasn't even thinking about the breathing or anything. It was sort of just 'happening'.

And then that was it. 20 minutes. I even felt as if I could keep going.

And on the 5 min cool down I had to walk past Pasadena City Hall. That was it.

A quick shuffle through the playlist and on came the Rocky theme tune.

I was happy, smiling, laughing. All sorts. But I ran up the steps in a Rocky-esque style.

So that's it.

The big jump is done.

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That's no Little Old Lady from Pasadena, either:


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Well done 👍🏼 what a wonderful post. I shall take all the positives from this and channel them into me for my WK5R3 tomorrow 😊😊

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GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Slow and easy. Just find your pace.

And listen to your 6 songs

Fab post! Congrats on the big one - it's not exactly all plain sailing from here on in, but that's definitely the biggest jump psychologically.

Thats a perfect Week 5 R3 by the sound of it.😎 Great stuff...Onwards and upwards you have got this nailed.

Still slow and steady of course 😆x

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Brilliant! Well done on your joffling!

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Great job, GingerB! Hope to set you up for a great day! You are over the hump, keep up week 6 and once into week 7 it's plain sailing.

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You're a natural!!!

Great progress.

Enjoy the grin for the rest of the week.

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Well done!! 🎉🎉🎉

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