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Week 6 Run 1..ooof, pesky one isn't it?

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Managed it.. Took 2 pups now I've got my running belt. Poo bags and phone in the pocket; Sarah on full volume and mapmyrun started. Wife's MP3 player clipped on and playing her favourite tunes in one ear (what a wonderful thing, someone else's playlist: no idea what's next and learning more about her at the same time, so many tunes made me smile.)

I ran out on the marsh which has tricky rocky patches and very large puddles but is good for keeping my speed down as I have to watch every step.

I was surprised that even in the first couple of minutes I began to really feel out of breath and genuinely concerned that this would beat me but I slowed right down and kept on. I was happy to walk though when it came! I recovered quickly (just goes to show how much fitter I am now!) and was ready when Sarah told me to go for it.. but good grief.. my legs felt like lead and again I found it really hard. Got into my stride but was surprised when I was told I was only half way through! Listened to the music and drowned out the negative brain nagging and got to the end.. managed it but gosh people were right to say respect it.. funny that even though I knew other people said it was a curve ball and I worried that I'd struggle, I still found it harder than my w5r3 20+ minute run. Perhaps I over analysed. πŸ˜‚ Ah well, I'm still really really chuffed!

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Very well done getting through that tricky one! If you’re anything like me, you read all the warning posts and thought how hard can it actually be? But it really is pesky isn’t it?! The warning posts saved my bacon! πŸ˜€

Still, it’s behind you, you achieved it - and you only have one more intervals run, as W6R3 to the end are all lovely long runs where you can relax and enjoy them with no interruptions. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

Good for you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Hope your dogs enjoyed it too - I always take mine and she loves it! β€οΈπŸ•πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Yes! Got myself a canicross belt so can take 2 at a time.. love that they're getting a better deal now they have a fitter mum! Xxx


Just a different run. The plan is about so much more than just running. Different disciplines are being taught and all helping to bring those running legs on :) All you need to know is that you are ready for each and every one of the runs...

Slow and steady as you go... relax into the lovely longer runs as they arrive..let the new legs begin to find their happy pace... and very well done you!

RhianCos in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much!

Your gentle praise brings a tear to my eye. 😊

It's wonderful how strangers can be so incredibly supportive and motivating... Love this forum!


Well done! This is the only run that ended up stymying me, I ended it half way through and walked home due to my own overconfidence. Good to see the same didn't happen to you!

RhianCos in reply to Jundal

I'd read it happening to a few people so I was ready for it.. even so, it was harder than I thought. X


Well done, it is a sneaky one!

I had a lovely image of a pup in each pocket of a flipbelt, but I see from a later comment that it is more like a lead! 🀣🀣

I will stick with the first image.

RhianCos in reply to Jell6

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ given these particular pups were a lurcher and an old English sheepdog, I'd have to be particularly fit to carry those! 🀣

This is just a canicross belt that i can clip them to and run hands free.. they don't get quite so tangled up and they can run ahead. Dog assisted runs are probably supposed to be quicker but until I get the hang of it they're just trotting along beside me. πŸ˜‚


😊😊, sound fabulous, they'll keep you fit when they are properly up and running.

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