Fat man in lycra graduates!!!!

Fat man in lycra graduates!!!!

Well a not quite so far man in lycra graduates. Woop woop woop. Just back from week 9 run 3! Carried on the extra 4 minutes so I covered the 5k again.

Week1 run 1 was on 17 December I weighed 21st 11lb back then. I remember thinking I must be mad starting this program a week before Christmas, now look at me, not even out of February and Im running 5k 3 times a week, now weigh 20st 6lb. Feels bloody marvelous.

Decided I was going to treat myself to some decent running shoes a graduation pressie. Couldnt wait though so went to leicesterrunningshop.co.uk/ yesterday, great little shop, very helpful and knowledgeable. Did some gait analysis and bought some much better running shoes, I have "over pronation" the new shoes feel so much better, more cushioning and more stable. Can really feel the difference. Like wearing slippers and running on clouds. Wish I'd sorted some a few weeks ago now.

Current plan is to carry on, increase time to 35 minutes for the next 3 runs, then probably increase in 5 minute intervals. First Park run will be a fortnight on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone here, the support, advice and comeraderie is awesome! Must thank my darling wife too for her encouragement and of course Iron Maiden for providing my running music of choice.

Onwards and upwards!!!


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36 Replies

  • Congratulations Andy on your graduation!Brilliant stuff! You're doing great! 😊

  • Woot woot! Congratulations - that's a great accomplishment. Over a stone lost too, that's fantastic! Keep up the good work, and wear those new trainers with pride.

  • Thought I was going to see the lycra picture then so was relived to see shoes !! Very nice, love running on my fluffy clouds ;) Congratulations very well done and 5k in a very good time !

  • No pics of me in lycra available. Yet! lol

  • Well done! It's great to see people graduating! Don't forget the rest of us "struggling" behind you - keep us posted on your progress. It's great to hear what people do after graduation, gives us ideas.

  • You will soon be graduating! I shall look forward to hearing about it.

  • Brilliant well done on graduating :) and on your weight loss :)

  • Huge congratulations...you Graduate...you :)

    Maybe a mamil...but what a mamil!

    Weight loss... running through the cold and wetness and a running plan already...


  • Brilliant stuff Andy, can't believe you started a week before Christmas and lost so much weight. What an inspiration.

    I'm one run behind you, so will be keeping a close eye on your progress, and thanks for providing the forward plan to carry on. Happy running

  • Awww - no lycra pic?? :D Congratulations on your graduation and on your weight loss, and happy running!

  • Well done. Congratulations! ☺

    Saucony! I run in kinvaras. They are very light but the cushioning is ok so you won't feel the road 😊

    Develop your running very gradually, and get your core strength beefed up so you can support running over longer distances and faster speeds. Stepping stones podcasts are ace and will give you your neXT running challenge, free to download from here and still with Laura

  • Congratulations Andy!

  • Many Congratulations Andy , what a fantastic achievement !

    Don't forget to request your Graduate Badge and wear it with pride ! :-)

    Well done and all hail the Lycra ! :-) xxx

  • Many congratulations to you Andy. Fab shoes!

  • Congratulations & a massive well done to you :)

  • Well done Andy :) I remember you starting out, seems no time ago and here you are able to run for 30 mins. Enjoy those new shoes and keep posting about your progress. Will be good to follow how you get on.

  • Well done! New shoe's can make all the difference! Nice one! Now for the lycra photo! No! don't! Ha ha😀

  • Where's the pic of you in Lycra? haha

    Congratulations on graduation and on a fantastic weight loss, you must be on cloud nine. Isn't it lovely to look in a mirror and see a fitter person looking back.

    Are you following a healthy eating plan? or is the weight loss just from running?

    What a lovely post thanking people for their advice, encouragement and not forgetting your wife for her support, is really touching.

    Enjoy your park run !

  • I have to say my wife is simply wonderful.

    I joined slimming world back in June last year, my wife wanted to go although she didn't need to lose any weight in my opinion, since then I have lost 5st 5lb, I then got a Fitbit surge towards the end of September and started upping my exercise levels, was only doing between 2000 and 3000 steps a day, now I am usually between 10000 and 11000. I started going for what I would call brisk walks, initially, regularly covering 4 or 5 miles in the evenings. I notices as I was getting fitter that the walks weren't really at a high enough intensity so thought I would start running and found the program.

    I am now planning a "1 million step challenge" for Help for Heroes and am going to attempt to do 1 million steps in April and May, that will require me to average 16130 steps every day for two months so quite an increase on my daily target but will help keep me motivated and for an excellent cause too. You can follow my progress at facebook.com/andysfat2fit

    Last week I tracked a walk of 16130 steps, turns out with my long legs its 9.1 miles! So will be doing some as running and some as walking.

    If anyone wants sponsor me I have a just giving page at justgiving.com/Andy-Symons There is a picture of me on there taken last February. It shocks me the difference over the last 12 months.

    May post a pic of me in Lycra just to sacre everyone lol ;)

  • You are amazing! Your wife must feel so proud of you.

    I decided to lose weight and get fitter this year and was lucky enough to stumble across Couch to 5K on the internet.

    With healthy eating and 5:2 diet I have managed to shift 21 lbs so far this year, and feel better for doing so. My first goal is 9 stone 12 lbs by the end of June ( exactly a stone ) and my end goal is 9 stone 7 lbs and I am determined to achieve it.

    I look forward to reading about your progress. Enjoy your running xx

  • Congratulations and what will power you must have starting just before Christmas! The weight loss is a great achievement too - I'm hoping to lose 4 stone with healthy eating and running. Keep up the good work :)

  • Whoop whoop Andy. Congratulations on graduating. You have done amazingly well obviously love your running. :)

    Great new shoes... to carry on with your running adventures too. :)

    Dont forget to go on the posted site and ask for your graduation badge for February. You can wear it with pride.. :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation, and your new shoes!

  • Wow well done on both your running and your new healthier lifestyle, what a fabulous post. Good luck with your challenge.

  • Hi Andy, think you might need to get your badge by posting on Graduation Badge February 2016. RFC is usually pretty quick to respond and that site you used is 4 years old.

    Would like to see your shiny new badge.

  • Jan

    I posted in the Feb 2016 thread too. I want my shiny new badge! lol

  • YES Andy! You're a complete star! Very well done for graduating, you've done brilliantly on this program and made us all giggle lots in the process. 5k too on graduation, that's really great, you absolutely should be suitably proud of your achievements! Onwards and upwards you marvellous Lycra clad runner! :)

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Absolutely brilliant Andy. Well done!

  • Congratulations "not so" Big-Andy!

    i hope you are feeling very proud of yourself. Enjoy the new shoes - I hope you take them on some great running adventures.

  • Congratulations on your graduation Andy ! Hope you have lots more running adventures ! x

  • You can 'Run to the Hills' now Andy in your new trainers - well done.

    Is the weight loss down to exercise alone or exercise and diet?

  • Diet and exercise. I go to Slimming World, not really a diet but a lifestyle. Started at SW last June. Lost 5st 5lb so far.

  • Well done Andy ☺

  • My best wishes go to you on your graduation.

    Nice to see somebody else smash the 5k.

    Hope to be right behind you myself as I'm just about to start on wk8 run 1 on sat.

  • Nearly there Kungfoo Panda. Good luck with weeks 8 and 9 although im sure you wont need it.

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