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Hill running - lessons learned


Encouraged by you lovely lot, the sunshine, a spaniel's yearning eyes and the fact today is a running day I headed for the hills mid-morning. We have a big party today, I was slightly hung over from yesterday evening, feeling narky and a bit in the way, so it suited everybody when I suggested taking the adorable Flora for a run. I learnt relatively quickly that I'm not really ready for this. The terrain is in part really rough, rocky, washed out and sometimes quite steep. So after my second stumble (well fall really) I switched runkeeper off and decided to just take it as it comes. We had great fun, my tumbles have grazed a knee but nothing worse so we just criss-crossed the hills on beautiful paths as the fancy took us. Where the paths were smooth I ran, when it got too rocky I walked. Flora chose - always running back to me, making sure I followed her, waiting at every crossroads to see which way I'd go and then dashing off nose to the ground. Leaping up at me in joy, chasing round in circles. We decided against going down the really steep bits on the wrong side of our hills and just wandered around for about 6 k up there. I ran back home through the village, feeling invigorated, really running now and feeling soooo good. 

Lessons learned - running with a well-trained dog is really fun (for both of us!). And don't run up rocky hills or along rocky paths until you can pick your feet up better! Oh, and a run doesn't have to be a non-stop run to be fun. I'm counting it anyway!

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I love running with my spaniel, although I don't cover as many miles as she does!

Running off road, along tracks without a plan is fabulous, it gives such a great sense of freedom. And you've done you bit of helping towards the party as someone had to exercise the dog!

Enjoy all being together and have a fantastic Easter.

Sounds great! Your dog sounds a bit better behaved than mine!!the suns just come out here and I'm wondering about going somewhere different as it's my hols  week! And i think i know just the place!😊

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to aliboo70

She's very well trained. But not by me! 


You went anyway... go you!

Brilliant post and brilliant pikkie... sunshine!

Enjoy the party :)


Sounds like great fun. Definitely count it as a run -you did run after all 😀


Very wise!  I think when we go on trails, there needs to be a little flexibility - stop trying to be speedy, concentrate and stay on your feet, stop and admire the view, enjoy being out with the dog and give them time to sniff!  Love the photo, fantastic shot (oh, and stop to take photos as much as needed)!


It sounds like you had a lot of fun (and Flora had twice as much)... :)


Sounds great! I want a new dog that I can run with. .....my  border terrier is 13 bless him he can hardly get out of bed and gIves me a dirty look when  I suggest a walk! 

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