W8 r1

Hello, sorry for not following my morning routine - run and then visit the Forum! Irritatingly had to head out straight after run to catch train to London for a day of meetings. Will you forgive me?

I hope so - wouldn't want to ruin such a promising relationship.

Anyway, woke up this morning (irritated my wife by hitting snooze on the alarm, rather than switching it off - I was out of the door with running shoes on so completely oblivious by the time this problem reared its head).

There seems to be a timing issue - if I go out earlier - there's less traffic - but universally they drive like "muppets" and not the cute "Kermit the frog" type - the i'd happily punch them after almost being knocked off my feet by the backdraught from a massive tanker doing at least 60/70 in a 40 mile an hour zone, or the - no need to move over I have a BMW doing over 70 type.

If I leave slightly later - more traffic but at least they slow down - some of the time.

Any way I won't let my near death experiences detract from my life enhancing ones. Great run today - covered more ground 5.1k total including the 5 minute warm-up/and warm down. Now that puts me at 4.1k in 28 minutes, so I'm feeling pretty good about that pace not quite 5k in 30 minutes - but definitely moving in the right direction.

Hope everyone had a good weekend - and happy running.

One more run in the bag.....5 more to go to Graduation! (pinch myself moment!)

Come on!


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  • Wow, sounds like a great run - and a proper run! I'm a couple of runs ahead of you but nowhere near your pace. Enjoy the final stretch. Not long to go now!

  • You're making great progress and for sure you'll get the graduation badge soon

  • Well done, I'm on W8 R3 next, but more snail like! (My best running speed is 8.46mins per km, but usually over 9mins, which puts me at 4km per hour!) You must be really pleased with how it's going. Graduation soon!

  • Thanks I am - but hopefully not getting ahead of myself - will be very happy to run for 30 minutes in total by the end of next week, and then gradually build up to 5k in 30. Can't believe I went out to take my daughter to the school bus - which fortunately picks up outside our house - and looked up the road in the bright sunshine and thought "would be lovely to go for a run now".........never in a million years until only a few months ago............

  • Me to - was definitely a couch potato until C25K!

  • You are inspiring! Thank you for posting this. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thank you - that's a really nice thing to hear. This whole community is inspiring and not a little cult-like, so if anyone mentions building a bunker in the countryside - I'm out of here.

  • Ha ha! Indeed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Well done. Just make sure to let us know immediately after the run next time. I can't handle waiting to read your updates until after your London trips :).

  • Thanks dubnde (how the hell do you pronounce that "dubnerdee"?)

    I'll do what I can - to be honest - Sue my wife is getting a little pee'd off with the fact that I finish my run - gather my breath and then sit down to tap out an update, before saying hi to her and my daughter.

  • Come on indeed! At least staring death in the face from all the traffic threats must give you a little adrenalin rush no?

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