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W8 R1...... waiting, waiting

So got up this morning at 6am after a trurly rubbish nights sleep. Got dressed, all set got to top of road to start my 5 mins walk, no Laura just russelling, no matter what I did I just couldn't hear her. So turned round and came home to be told by my step son he's broken my running head phones and forgot to tell me, fuming is not even the word. So am having to wait to run tonight. Which I find hard after a full day at work.

Come home about to go get changed, step son then goes out. No one to look after girls so Sat here waiting for him to come back so I can do my run.

Don't think it helps that, it's blowing a gale and a storms coming in tonight sometime in next few hours.

I text him he'll be home at 7...... So Sat waiting, I will not miss a day so close to graduation even if I run at 10 when hubs gets in from work.


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If its any consolation, I am geared up and waiting on my sons ex girlfriend to arrive too so its going to be 7.30pm before we head out. Need to find my headtorch. You can come virtual run with us lol. Love your dedication!


Your frustration is coming through clearly wkdjojo😠

No doubt you will get that run done this evening...good luck..remember to take it steady at the start...don't sabotage yourself by an angry run.😉x


I've calmed down now, at least I won't be slug dodging so late in the evening, just trying to forget my wobbly bum bouncing behind in broad twilight for all to see ha ha ha ha

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I've managed to get my tea sorted for when get back a roast veg fatata (no idea how you spell it) the deep Spanish egg pie with potatoes in. Left him the washing up, as punishment for the head phones grrrrrr

Teenagers huh, maybe I was more up set that he has a better social life than me lol. Also my littlest, a 3 year looked at me in my running gear and asked why you wearing your costume.... Kids really know how to build your confidence 🙄

Will up date when my runs done, am one determined mummy tonight


Best of luck on your next one. I sometimes find 2-day break re-energising.


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