W8 R1

Back into the gym this morning although I probably could have run outdoors. Tried warming up on the exercise bike, rather than through 5 minutes walking, as I wanted to measure my running distance and was too lazy to do the maths. So got on the treadmill and cranked straight up into a run. Big mistake, dreadful first 10 minutes before I settled down to a normal pattern. So the good things were that I managed 28 minutes and ran further than I have before. The downside was that my pace was slower than W7 R3 and I sweated buckets. But another one ticked off, onwards we go.

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  • Don't worry about the pace, especially this close. Just don't injure yourself or miss a beat. You're nearly there and will sail through. Amazing success - well done.

  • Don't worry about your pace. You did the run and that's all that matters. And running on a treadmill always made me sweat too!

  • I always need ten minutes before settling in... even with a 20 minutes warm up walk! And the few times I've been on the treadmill I could have filled a small pool :) Well done, not too long before graduation !

  • Who cares๐Ÿ˜€you have DONE it and you are only 5runs away from graduation......yay!!!!!

  • Yes, I think I do better outside because it's not as hot as the gym, doesn't auger well for the summer!

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