W2/R1 - I DID IT !!!!!!!!!!

It was hot out there today and I didn't think I'd be able to run for 90 secs without stopping but to be honest without this podcast I don't think I'd push myself through the runs. I do try and concentrate on other things like the techniques Laura suggests and this seems to help take my mind off some of the negative feelings. Counting the breaths in and out for 4 does help me and at least stops me gasping all the way through the running section (just near the end). The longer recovery time is good and pitched right for me also less runs felt good too. My session this morning has clocked over 5000 steps on my pedometer so I'm half way there for today. Good luck to you all and keep going. I would have been happy to repeat week 1 if I hadn't managed it because just moving ourselves is doing some good.


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9 Replies

  • Well done Mazz. Your next run will be even better as the trepidation will be less. Yep you're right it is a hot one out there. I just did run 2 after 4 days break due to chest infection so am with you all the way :)

  • Thanks Ryansson. You did we'll getting out there after being poorly. Hope you stay well now

  • Good for you Mazz. Keep it up, that positivity training is just as important as the running itself :)

    Enjoy those podometer clicks, it will get more and more over time. Actually I am quite disappointed on non-run days because my desk job doesn't always keep me moving as much as I would like to see (hence why I needed to start C25K I guess ;) )

  • Thanks Mother. I'm lucky in that I'm retired now so can run almost anytime. I haven't run in the evening yet. I love the pedometer cos you get a sense of how active your day has been. The running is certainly mood enhancing so I wished I did it when I worked to alleviate my stress Good luck with your running programme you deserve that "me" time

  • Those 'I Did It' days will just get better and better, until one day when you finish a run, and accidentally shout it out loud. I did that. Not sure if anyone noticed, as I kept running.

  • Thanks Nerdio. When I complete my final run section anyone would think I'd just won an Olympic Gold medal. Fist thumping the air and me shouting YES YES YES fortunately I run on a private field so hopefully no one hears. It's such a good feeling. You shout it from the roof tops and happy running

  • Well done Mazzero - I did this run today as well. As for "I did it!"s - when Laura says "are you ready?" I tend to answer "Yes, Laura," out loud. And I have had both funny and sympathetic looks.

  • Well done Brown fox. I answer out loud too lol

  • same here, Did Week 2 Run 1, and was surprised how I managed it. I often talk back to Laura as well ...and get some funny looks

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