Couch to 4k! I did it!

Hi everyone!!

I am so happy to share with you the fact that I -FINALLY- did Week 9 Run 3 this Thursday. It took me about two weeks to do the last week but I feel great !!! And today I did an extra 30min run too!!! I feel like I'm on a roll and I do not want to lose this good habit!!!

Thanks to everyone for the support I still find it hard to believe I have actually finished! I am unsure what to do next I am assuming I need to actually try to reach to 5k?! Today I counted 4k only but I am hopeful with more practice I actually might be able to!!

I still remember how exhausted I felt after week 1 run 1, and to feel great after 30min of running is just unbelievable. What a great programme! Really worth sharing!

Thanks again and for all those who are on their way to graduation: you can do it!!!!



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25 Replies

  • Brilliant ! Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    Happy Running ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks a lot for your encouragement. I am so happy to have discovered this programme , the app, the podcasts and this forum!! Thanks to all!!

  • Well done! Isn't it a great feeling?

    Now don't forget to ask for your Graduation badge.

  • It is indeed! Thanks for the encouragement! I have asked for it and I can see it now already!! Feels great!

  • Don't ever forget how far you've come in just a few short weeks from struggling to run Week 1 Run 1 to where you are now. Where will you be in 6 months? 10k? 10 miles? Half Marathon?!!

  • Well done, you did it!!!

    Most people are not doing 5k by week 9, keep running regularly and you will get there as time goes on. Where you go from here is up to you. I am trying to do parkun once a week, one of the c25k+ podcasts once a week and a more gentle run once a week.

    What is your aim?

  • Thanks! For now I aim to achieve the 5k and yes maybe join park run too!

  • Congratulations on your graduation, don't worry too much about reaching 5k that will come in time. The important thing is you made the effort and reached your goal of running for 30 minutes, take it gradual and you will be there in no time. Happy running!

  • Thank you for your encouraging words!

  • Congratulations! You should feel very proud of yourself. It's not obligatory to push for 5k, but if you keep running regularly that will gradually become more doable. Enjoy your running!

  • Thanks a lot yes I intend to be regular and hopefully get to 5k too soon!

  • Congratulations on completing C25K! It feels great doesn't it?!😀

  • It does! Abolsutely fantastic! And the little badge next to my name!! Wow.

  • Wonderful you. You did it. 5 K will come along, don't panic. You are a runner!

  • Thank you. I just really like this sentence. You are a runner. Wow! Thanks!

  • Well done! It's a great achievement x

  • Thank you!!!

  • Well done, Congratulations. Keeping it up by running 3 times a week is quite a challenge. You have to work out what will keep you motivated to do that. A bit like dieting, it is easy to let all the good work slip away but if you keep running then the 5k will come almost by magic.

  • Thanks yes I shall remind myself of why I started this journey at the beginning. I was on the quest for a better and healthier me so I should not stop now!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Well done that's fantastic 😊 the biggest thing for me was overcoming the desire to stop and walk when I got out of breath or my legs felt tired so the fact that you've conquered this part and can run for 30 minutes is huge! The distance will naturally follow as you keep up regular 30 minute runs I found my pace increased without me realising and therefore so did my distance. Keep enjoying!

  • Thanks a lot for your encouraging words!!! And well done to you too!

  • Well done! Maybe u could try running a little slower and carry on to 5k? Just to prove u can do it! Could even take 45 minutes but make sure u r slow enough to keep going. I graduated with 5k, I am 52, was a non runner til C25K and still a little overweight. If I can, you will. Now I'm running 5k X 3 times a week, have confidence in yourself, all the work you have done and the programme

  • Thank you so much , yes that's an idea!!! And congrats too on your achievements, very inspirational!

  • First of all congratulations on the badge for most of us thats very hard won ❤️

    Second dont worry about the 5k just keep running and itll come xxx

    Third - your gonna have a bad run eventually and dont worry about that either itll pass - i had it a few weeks after I graduated just hit the wall *bang* and i got very upset but just run as far as you can then walk the rest of the way home. Dont get upset just shrug it off as a bad run, give yourself a few days and then get back out there and youll be fine xxx

  • Thank you very much for your words of advice, really appreciated ! I feel more prepared for a bad run if and when it happens, thanks!

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