Did extra tonight. Was it foolish? Should I do not do it again?

I did week 6 run 3 last sunday and then didn't have any motivation for any further runs all week. There was mild illness and bad weather but really just a load of excuses. Tonight I forced myself out for week 7 run 1 and though I found it hard to begin with, I felt okish at the end so when Laura said I could finish I carried on running through the 5 minute warm down walk. So I did 30 minutes for the first time (quiet woop!)

I did it because I know I am nowhere near 5 k at 30 minutes and I have to work on acheiving that distance. Also these last 3 weeks don't seem like much progress, just improving by 5 minutes over 3 weeks. Also I felt guilty about my week long gap for no good reason.

I do have jelly legs but I'm ok. I'm worried that, as the program is carefully designed, I have scuppered my chances for progress or offended the god of jogging or something. Can I have some advice please from people who have run extra at the end, would you recommend it or stear clear?


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29 Replies

  • I would follow the programme and develop each week so you don't hurt yourself. It's very easy to get carried away before your body has caught up fitness wise

    We've all done it. Got over enthusiastic, overdone it and ended up injured. The forum is littered with such casualties, so don't be another one. Take care, go steady and you'll graduate with no dramas.

  • Thanks for the reply misswobble. If I'm honest I'm relieved as if you had all said it was ok I would feel like I hadn't acheived if I didn't do extra each time and that would put me off.

  • I agree. The programme is carefully constructed to minimise injury - and has proven its worth with thousands of people. Just follow Laura and you will soon be graduating. Good luck

  • Thanks Ullyrunner. I will stick to the prgram from now on.

  • and me, I did it, by 5 minutes then couldnt hardly walk for a few days , sorry to be bearer of bad news, Like you I was delighted with myself, but was def a mistake xx

  • Thanks grannyjudes. Hopefully I have escaped inury this time and I won't chance it again.

  • I think when you get to weeks 7, 8 and 9 the sky will not fall in if you do 5 minutes more.... but I feel that *not* doing that is worth your serious consideration.

    The most significant issue is running through your warm-down walk. I know some feel I offend against the God of Jogging myself because I Don't Stretch after runs...but I've honestly only feel the need to stretch when I have for some reason really not wanted to walk for a bit after stopping my run.

    But there's something else going on which you miss out on if you mess about with the timings... firstly this is a sneaky way of consolidating your ability to sustain a run, whilst still providing a sense of 'progress'... and consolidating your ability to get out there and run at all ie develop a habit. It's strengthening your patience muscles!

  • Thanks GoogleMe. I hadn't thought about consolidation and the last 3 weeks make more sense now. I never stretch either (wouldn't know how to except for the stuff you do instinctively if something hurts) but I always do a 5 minute warm down walk even if it means walking past my house and around the block a few times.

  • Good for you....I try to end my runs well short of my car to avoid the temptation not to do it - more walking is OK! I should have added that I do now do some stretching but not in association with my runs, I do yoga first thing every morning which includes postures to address the bits that running might tighten. And right now I'm listening to Laura again for the NHS Strength and Flexibility programme

  • As a one off, I think you'll be fine. However, if you want to do extra next time, how about you try to run faster in the last 5/3/1 minute?

  • This is a really good idea. Thanks ZoomZoom. I think I'll push myself harder at the end from now on so when Laura says stop I'll be on the verge of having no choice

  • I agree with the responses above, it's not really a good idea to do more than you are asked, especially at this stage. Also the warm up and warm down walks are there for a reason. With regard to having to work on achieving the 5K distance in 30 minutes. It's often been said on here that the programme really ought to be called 'Couch to 30 minutes continuous running' but it doesn't have the same ring to it as C25K! Laura does state on the podcasts though that the programme is designed to get you from couch potato to running 5K OR 30 minutes. Truth is, very, very, few people achieve that 5K distance in 30 minutes by the end of the programme. Most of us continue to work on it after graduation. For now, you really need to focus on completing each session as it is to get to the end of the plan and graduate without injury. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • Thanks Fitmo. I did still do the warm down walk but I appreciate all the advice and will listen to it. I'll work on 5 K after. It's just it's always at the back of my head that my 9 year old does park run with her Dad in under 30 minutes and I want to get there but I have plenty of time after graduating don't I?

  • I want to thank each of you who has replied here because your comments have helped me, too. Sometimes I feel so good after the 30 minutes are up, that I go through the entire 30 minutes again. So far, no problems with the old body, but maybe it's not a good idea. Maybe I should get on my bike if I want to do another 30 minutes.

  • Wow BonnieConnie. It'll be a long time, if ever, that I feel able to run for an hour. I'm so glad I found this place. Everyone is so helpful.

  • Woah! I was on the move for a full hour, but half of it was definitely walking. I confess that I have not been a couch potato but have not been a runner or walker. I've been teaching belly dance for 5 years, but it isn't nearly as strenuous as jogging and it gets the heart rate up for a little while in spurts, then we change to slow muscular moves. So, in some ways I've been active, but nothing like this C25K.

  • I do a lot of walking day to day but it doesn't raise my heart rate. When I started couch to 5k I struggled with the 60 second runs so I have definitely improved. I am very impressed by belly dancing as I am an apple shape with no strength in my tummy muscles. Maybe one day :-)

  • LOL! I have an apple figure, too, so not the best looking belly dancing torso, but we ladies who belly dance do it for the pure joy of the dance! And my abs are toned beneath the layers of fat cells! I'm hoping to lose the fat round the middle as I lose weight., but last time I lost weight, my hips, bust, and thighs got smaer and my belly seemed to stay the same! Still apple! Grrrrr. We'll see. You can try some belly dance moves by using youtube as there are plenty of free lessons there!

  • I'll look into it as I feel I need to strengthen my abs. The joy of the dance sounds like a great way to do it xx Good luck with your weight loss. I haven't lost much weight yet with the programme but it will come when I address my eating and run more regularly.

  • Hi for my two pennyworth - follow the programme as recommended then after week 9 you next run could be wk 9 and carry on the 5 x 3. The week after wk 9 + 10 x 3 and so on... If you think this will be difficult then after completing week 9 use you 3rd run of each week to increase by 5 minutes. Listen you to body though we do not want any injured graduates!!! Good luck!! x

  • Thanks, Carole. I believe you are right.

  • Thanks Carole. That sounds like a good plan. I'm feeling a bit of a fraud again as I haven't run since Sunday. I need to get a running routine as things are always getting in the way. Then I won't be thinking I need to do extra to make up for missed runs.

  • I know that feeling and as much as I don't like to say it, you have to become selfish, other things, people etc. just have to wait! It is a beautiful dawning when you start to allow yourself the time. I have always been a selfless person putting others before me and as a consequence beaten to the ground unbeknown by everyone around because of the expectations. I fought long and hard for this 'me time' and now it is a given that if I am running everything waits (although I try very hard to prepare for eventualities before going). Make the time and you will reap the benefits in so many ways. Good luck! x

  • Much as I hate the idea, I am thinking of getting up at 5am to do my runs so I can be back before I have to get the children ready for school. There is always something every evening that scuppers my plans to run. Like for example tonight I was going to cook tea and then leave mine until after but I find we urgently need to go to a supermarket instead. I am scared that I will be tired all day at work if I run before hand. Alternatively could wait until 9 pm after their bedtimes but I often feel shattered by then and don't know if I could physically run after having my tea.

    Please excuse me with my first world problems ;-) Thanks for your support x

  • I'm going for it tonight anyway!

  • Good for you and I know it is really to fit it all in - Have you thought about lunch times? Hope all went well x

  • It went fine thanks x. I planned my run so my warm down walk finished at the shop so it was two birds one stone. I did feel self conscious in the shop though, being all red and sweaty. I can't run at lunch as I only get half an hour. I'll try a 5 am start next week and see how I get on with it

  • Ah bless! and well done for fitting it in. It does seem early but on a positive note .. it will be very peaceful time and a time you may start to cherish. Good luck:)

  • Thanks xx

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