Hello everyone.

A couple of days ago I told you about my impending graduation and my post cancer op consultation -both happening on the same day!!

The graduation part was great and I think that I graduated with flying colours as I knocked several seconds off my running circuit time.

The consultation wasn't so great. Sadly the cancer had spread to 2/3 of my lymph nodes and although these were removed I need to have a genomic test to find out whether or not chemotherapy is required.

I admit to feeling a 'tad' down last night but today it is business as usual.I have printed out my bar code for my first park run tomorrow. I took my two collies for a longer than usual walk first thing and I have compiled a running/exercise/swimming regime which should keep me sane if the worst comes to the worst.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last post. With your encouragement and compassion I will get through whatever treatment I need to have and one day - in the not too distant future - I will run my first marathon.

Lots of love and luck to all of my fellow runners - Life is definitely for living!!!


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40 Replies

  • Congratulations on your graduation I'm a few behind you !!! You sound a amazing person and I have no doubt you will kick the cancers arse as well big cyber hug to you ❤️❤️

  • Thank you - Good luck with your running xx

  • Fantastic and very well done on graduating C25K. Fingers crossed that all will be good with your next consultation. Best wishes and you have an amazing attitude. Cyber hug from 🇮🇪 Ireland.

  • Thank you so much. Your support really helps!! xx

  • Very well done on your graduation Julie 😁 I have no doubt that you will do many marathons, please keep posting, I'm sure anyone who has read your last 2 posts is with you all the way. You are a genuine inspiration. XxX

  • Thank you Martin. I really value your support. xx

  • Massive congrats on the graduation - I know that we were running at roughly the same time and I've just graduated too. Feels good doesn't it? Good luck with your health challenges - I'm so glad you have the running to fall back on and get you out and about. Big love from Buckinghamshire :) xx

  • Thank you. Big love from Worcestershire to you xx

  • What an inspiring post...thinking of you hope you get the best result you possibly can.

  • Thank you

  • Julie, I am sorry about your test results. But you should know that your c25k is making you healthier overall, giving you strength and energy to fight the f***ing cancer and helping you recover from surgery, plus endorphins to give you something to look forward to. Very best of good luck to you and CONGRATULATIONS on taking care of yourself at a very difficult time.

  • Thank you - I do love the buzz that running gives me. I will overcome...............

  • Aye bless you, fantastic news on the graduation but not so good from your consultant, you sound incredibly strong and optimistc for the future.

    Kick the bastards arse and look forward to hearing about your marathon challenge

  • Thank you. I will keep you posted!!

  • Well done on your graduation, we are all here supporting you. Always ask any health officials you see what you and and can't do reference your exercise, I'm sure they will surprise you by backing you all the way to keep going as well. It is such a good stress reliever, take care of yourself and keep posting. Rfc x.

  • Thank you - I am determined to enter my treatment regime with the 'fittest'body that I can and to come out of it even fitter!! That is my real challenge!

  • Many congrats on your graduation. Best of luck for your first Parkrun, I'm sure you'll have a blast. And sending positive thoughts for everything else to come - your positive attitude is an inspiration.

  • Thank you. I ran my first park run this morning. I found it hard going but I didn't stop and I didn't walk. It was such a glorious morning!!

  • Well done on graduating and I'm sorry to hear about your consultation. I don't know what kind of cancer you have, but I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 months ago and ended up having a mastectomy at very short notice (3 hours - I was supposed to be having a lumpectomy but specialists had looked at my scans and changed the diagnosis). This really brought me down, but in our area Macmillan are great. They team up with the local authority gyms, and I was given 14 sessions with a personal trainer to help my recovery. I also got some counselling from Macmillan too as I found it all hard to cope with having been severely ill 12 months previous.

    It was my Macmillan trainer who suggested (after much work in the gym) that I should do some running intervals as part of my warm up on the treadmill, and that kind of got me started. I completed week 8 but then had to have a lumpectomy on the other side and had to sit on the injury couch. However I'd caught the bug so was pretty soon up and walking my 5K route and soon after my feet just wanted to run. The movement on my torso was pretty painful, but I got my self trussed up in my sports bra (which I'd been wearing post operatively) and a second ultra high intensity bra from M&S on top. Although I felt quite "snug" it kept everything in place and I was able to start running 2 weeks after the surgery, starting back at week 1 again. I graduated in December and have been comfortably running 5k or further regularly. It keeps me fit and sane (especially as I was unable to take the tamoxifen as it made my vertigo/dizziness unmanageable).

    I'm now managing to run 10k too.

    I wish you all the best for your treatment and hope all goes well. x

  • Thank you for this post, Razouski ... you have given a really first hand response... you are an inspiration for us all!!!xxx

  • Thank you Razouski. I'm sorry that you had to go through so much.

    I hope that I when I come through my treatments - whatever they may be - I will be as positive and strong as you.

    Wishing you all of the very best xx

  • Totally humbled by @justjulie57 and @Razouski. What an amazing pair of ladies. Everything crossed for you and I am damn sure you will do that marathon @justjulie57, enjoy your parkrun with the collies. @Razouski, just wow, kudos! I also double bag with the old sports bras, thought it was just me! If anything proves anyone can complete couch25k, it is your stories. Just bloody do it, in spades, with attitude. You rock.

  • Thank you for your support. It really helps!! xx

  • Huge, huge hug first... then a massive well done and then another triple GO YOU!!!

    Okay.. you have Graduated... Hooray!!!! Hooray!!!!

    Massive congratulations.. this calls for Bubbly!!! I love champagne with friends:)

    So now..the runs simply have to go on.... we are going to try our best to help you kick that vile C Gremlin into touch!!! Marathons are awaiting!!

    The runs will help with the stress relief, hopefully and with all the go aheads from your Medical experts, the walks and runs may help physically...:)

    As IannodaTruffe says, "Positivity is the way"... and he is always right... and you have bucket loads!!

    We are here at any time.. for any reason.... be kind to yourself and remember, slow and steady does it :) xxxxx

  • Thank you. It is really good to know that everyone is there for me. Although I enjoy running - I do find it hard work at times but that ability to overcome my running gremlins helps me to deal with Life's other 'little' problems!

  • Well done on graduating - you sound like one very strong lady and I wish you every success in reaching those goals. Stay strong and enjoy those runs.👍💪🙂

  • Thank you. I will. I hope that you enjoy your runs too!!

  • Go Julie! Huge congrats on graduating. I shall think of you when I am struggling and then will lift my head and face my demons as you are doing.

    All best wishes for a long and happy future. xxx

  • Thank you so much. Everything seems better when you know that other people are supporting you.

  • Well done on graduating and have a brilliant park run - I am trying to pluck up the courage to do one. Keep being positive and looking after yourself - virtual hugs xx

  • Thank you. I ran my first park run this morning. It was hard work but it was worth the effort and it helped me to forget about everything else. I think that you will enjoy it too - the atmosphere is fantastic!!

  • Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but congrats on graduating. Your new fitness (mental and physical) will help you through whatever is to come. Enjoy your parkrun (and your swims:))

  • Thank you. I ran my first park run this morning. It was actually harder than I expected it but I kept on going and I can't wait to have another go very soon!!

  • Just read your post and huge congrats on completing C25K!

    Brilliant achievement 🎉

    I wish you well and sending you all positive thoughts and good wishes !

    Your running and sense of accomplishment will keep you strong to fight whatever you have to face ,and you will do that marathon 👍👍


  • Thank you.

  • justjulie57 .......fantastic that you have graduated! Well done! The mental strength that you have shown to get through the programme will stand you in good stead to get through any treatment that you need. Thinking of you and wishing you courage.

  • Thank you

  • Well done Graduate!

    So sorry your graduation celebrations were short lived after seeing your constant. Good luck with your treatment.

    Keep us posted about your fitness program and we'll all be celebrating with you when you've run your marathon!

    Keep positive, keep smiling, and keep running.

    Good luck and happy running!

  • Massive congratulations on graduating, feels good, doesn't it?!

    On the health front, it sounds like you're facing something similar to what I went through (is the test you're talking about an Oncotype DX test by any chance?). I had breast cancer that spread to one of the nodes under my arm, the test came back saying that chemo would not help and might even make things worse, so after long discussions with my doctors I decided to go just for radiotherapy. The test was great because it gave me the confidence to make a difficult decision. That was 6 1/2 years ago and for me, so far so good. At the time I was very overweight and unfit, I have lost a lot of weight since then and kept it off – you are fit at the start of your cancer journey so you have that on your side too.

    There will be some tough times ahead but you can get through this. Your running will help, as will the support on this forum – you already have the attitude part of it sorted by the sounds of it and we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for a full recovery. Have the test, finish your treatment and never look back, there is so much living out there to be done!

    Good luck, stay strong, I and many other people will be thinking of you and will be right behind you until you get the all clear!!

  • Thank you. Yes - the test is the Oncotype DX test. The results should be back within a fortnight. I think that is the 'not-knowing' that makes me more anxious. Once I know what I have to deal with I can focus on 'plotting a route' through the treatment to the end - I am determined to be as fit - if not fitter - when I get through but I realise the going could be very tough!!! It is good to know that you are fit and well now. Thank you for your kind words xx

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