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W9R3 graduation run done!!!


Morning everyone..... ! Graduation run just completed and feeling pretty good! My first run in the morning and in daylight which felt a bit strange but thought i (and the world) should get used to it!!! Saw lots of runners out and about and managed a wave or 2. Just boiling up some eggs for breakfast and will be putting my feet up (on the couch!) for an hour or so! Ankles have been pretty stiff for the past 2 weeks but think they are adjusting to this new lifestyle! ;-)

What a great way to start a Sunday....! hope everyone is having a good day, too :-)

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Congratulations! That is indeed a great way to start a Sunday :)


Congratulations and welcome to the club! A great start to a Sunday - much better than having a lie-in! Enjoy!

Anto_Now_RunsGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I know and I thought I would never say that!


Well done. Running really is a great start to the day and a graduation run even better 😁

Well done 😀👍🏃


Well done, best time of the day to run eveything smells so fresh.

Congratulations, it's becoming a much better time to be running outside now. Enjoy those eggs 😀

Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy your Sunday.

Congratulations. Keep running ☺

Will do! Have downloaded the stepping stone podcast for my next run!

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