Post Graduation Strategy?

Now that I am a graduate... (how cool to type that...) I have been reading lots of posts of what to do next.

DId my first post graduation run today and managed 4k in 30 mins matching my graduation run.

Do most people keep running for 30 mins and see if the distance covered improves or

Work at increasing the time running gradually similar to the couch?

My own target is to eventually do a park run and hopefully when I achieve that do more of those. Having a teenage son who played soccer on Sat mornings, this will not happen until the season ends.

In the meantime What should I do?

Thank you xxx


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11 Replies

  • Hi! And if I didn't say it before, well done on your graduation!

    I graduated three weeks ago, and since then, I have been "consolidating" to get my confidence in running for 30 minutes up. So, three runs a week for 30 minutes. I must say I have been really enjoying this! I have not been consciously speeding up, but my pace has improved these last few weeks and I have gone from running a km in around 7:30 minutes to a km in around 6:39 mins, without even trying. I think I am just getting fitter and managing a more consistent pace throughout the 30 mins. On Sunday, I felt really good during my run, and as I had just been nudging 5k, I ran for an extra 4 minutes and finally achieved the 5k! Very pleased with that. :-)

    I am going to continue for another week of 30 minute runs, then maybe try some interval training just to mix things up a bit.

    All in all, it depends what your goals are. At the moment I am only focussing on short-term goals, maintaining fitness and enjoying the way running regularly makes me feel, but who knows…maybe next year 10k training. The minute I start getting bored, I will find something to reinvigorate my love of running!

    Keep us posted! Best of wishes. :-)

  • WOW that is great progress. I am a bit away from the 5K yet in 30 mins but hopefullyit might come but if not I am happy to celebrate the fact that I can actually run / jog for 30 mins!

  • Oh, I still haven't run 5k in 30 mins yet, but I don't really care about that! My 5k took me 34 minutes - perfectly respectable I'd say. Like you, I am just over the moon that I can run for 30 minutes!

  • Well done! consolidate some 30 min runs and get comfy running those, your pace will likely increase naturally as you get fitter, then try Parkrun.. including 2 runs in the week, and very likely excercise on running rest days, of course when you can fit it all in, or do the best you can..😊

  • Thank you. I think that is a great plan.

  • Have you looked at the 'Life after couch 5k' podcasts? There are three that cover stepping stone, stamina and speed. I'm running with the stamina one at the moment. I'm not ready to go without Laura in my ear just at present.

  • Thank you. Where can you download them please?

  • Lots of consolidation of the 30 minute runs.. try different routes and distance too...the legs and stamina and strength are only just building up and need some more work :)

    Don't try too hard at first after Graduation.. run three times a week and see how things evolve an always building up the 30 minute runs. then maybe take a look at the C25K+ podcasts....they are fun and really useful for discipline in our running.. and can help with speed and distance:)

  • Nothing wrong with doing a parkrun now, you can walk as much as you need to! It’s great to do and keep trying to get a personal best!

  • It depends what you want to do. For me it's trying to do 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. I am not really fussed about speed or distance. It's the 30 minutes of exercise I am after.

    I like Park run and that's the only time I know how fast I ran. Still not done it under 30 minutes but I am comfortable running a little bit longer. I would say do Park run and if you are taking more than 30 minutes walk part of it while you build up to running the whole distance.

    But that's just me with the full time and then some job. Those who have more time aim to increase distance to 10K and beyond. It really is up to you. But don't put off park run too long if that's what you want to do. It's very inclusive of slow runners and walk/runners.

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