First post graduation run - 6K outdoors in an hour!

First post graduation run - 6K outdoors in an hour!

I now have a running buddy who is training for a marathon.

I went out for my first post graduation run outdoors. My buddy pushed and pushed.

We managed 6K in wind and rain in just about an hour. I did manage a few long continuous runs.

Hope to run continuously outdoors soon :-)

Have a great Friday guys!


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22 Replies

  • Well done!

    But, you don't have to do 6k just because your buddy is in training for a marathon, it must be hard enough for you to get to 5k.

    Having Just graduated keep it to 30 mins continuous for now, and just build on it over time.

  • Thanks Dave.

    Yes, for the next 3 runs, I will be doing them on my own. So I aim to keep them to 30 mins.

  • Try and devise a nice running route where you get less interuptions from street furniture, crossing roads, noise & people in the way. And use it often.

    Have you done Parkrun yet?

  • Thanks Dave.

    Yes, I have my first ParkRun on 12th of Dec in Falkirk.

    Sadly we don't have a proper ParkRun in Stirling yet.

  • Oh, you're in Stirling, wave from the Isle of Cumbrae, west coast !

  • Wave back at you IR!

  • That's fantastic Ash! It sounds like you were sensible and didn't run all the way but had some walk breaks... how did you find running outside?

  • Running outside is very different indeed.

    Apart from the ground being uneven, you also have to navigate a variety of other items such as traffic signals, people, other runners, etc.

    I was able to run much longer between the small walks.

    I aim to go out again but, on my own so that I can run at my own pace and for 30 minutes as Dave has mentioned.

  • Yes, it's certainly different! And you haven't even mentioned the weather! I check the forecast compulsively and plan my runs accordingly! I love the rain, nothing like it!

  • Ah...the weather.

    Thanks to some guidance from my running buddy, and some investment in Winter/Rainy weather running gear, I am ready for any weather.

    I was asked to refer to this page:

    for appropriate layering for winter running.

    I literally don't have any excuse to not running 3-4 times a week now :-)

    And my fantastic bumpy dancy playlist helps too!

    I do check the weather only to plan my layers and my run :-)

  • OOh! I like the chart at the bottom, very useful! You'll find as you go along what you need and what suits you. I bought hat and gloves last year but find I take them off after five minutes then have to carry them. You're in Scotland right? Might be a bit colder than Cambridge...Do you have Sports Direct near you? They do very low priced stuff and also do mail order. Aldi is good too when they have running gear, about October every year I think.

  • Yes, we have sports direct and various other shops.

    I can see where you are coming from. I have bought things that I find I am not using...and end up buying other things.

  • Wow! 6k - awesome! Sounds like you are tackling the great outdoors in style.

    Congratulations on your first graduated outdoor run. Enjoy bouncing along to that soundtrack and going at your own pace.

  • Thanks PFW!

  • I hope you'll come to enjoy running outdoors! If you can conquer the great outdoors in the budding winter imagine spring. All the best and well done on the 6K :D

  • Thanks Feliiicia!

  • Brilliant Ash !

    Well done , thats a fair old distance in the wind and rain .

    Happy running to you ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy :-) xxx

  • Well done ! That's brilliant.

  • Thanks IslandRunner xx

  • Great work Ashish! Was it nice being outside?

  • It is certainly different. You are constantly planning ahead and watching out.

    I have been out 2 times as of today. I had to change my route a few times today due to massive puddles.

    All in all, it is great :-)

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