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Week3 Run1 - Mr Smooth, Sleeplessness, Scratching and Crying

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I was supposed to run yesterday but scalding heat here meant the only time the temperature dropped to 25 degrees was at 3 o clock this morning and as I went to bed at 1am, that just wasn't going to happen. But I promised my virtual running buddy Rebecca7913 - (find her here healthunlocked.com/user/reb...) that i wouldn't flake, especially as she was thinking of doing a 27mile walk...

Mr Smooth sent me his usual message for our date - he is very insistent on trainers I find. So off I popped, having forgotten today was the 3 minute challenge. After having about 4 hours sleep due to an electrical storm and the relentless biting of what seemed to be a plague of mosquitoes, I set out.

Warm up walk absolutely fine. Third track on my playlist was Amy Winehouse - Back to Black - which coincided with Mr Smooth's suggestion that I should try a 3 minute run. So, to anyone who ever fears looking like an idiot when starting out this plan, no-one could beat me running with a red-face, scratching my arms and legs, whilst crying as Amy Winehouse sang.

When Amy finished, the next track was Walk Like an Egyptian, so as an antidote to the crying and to keep my hands away from the mosquito bites, I did walk like an Egyptian.... Luckily this was all done in the very quiet country lanes and so no-one witnessed my bizarre behaviour.

Finally the second run of 3 minutes, coincided with The Beach Boys and Help Me Rhonda - she did, they did and finally after 6 running dates with Mr Smooth, he said very loudly Yes, when I had finished my second 3 minutes run.

I am sooo pleased, even though I am sitting here a rather fetching shade of scarlet, with 6 itching mosquite bites, and just a touch of running smugness - because a proper runner can run for more than a minute, can't they?

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Haha love it! Yes you're a proper runner from the very first run methinks.

Well done on getting out in this heat and with bites. I sympathise as they love me too and mine swell up so I look like a patchwork quilt 😏

Wow well done! And good song choices! I was supposed to run today..but so far that has not happened. I only managed 11 miles yesterday and didnt want to push it too hard. May go out later and do it, then tuesday will be w3r1.. scary! You are a proper runner! Go you!!

Only 11 miles, are you crazy lady!?! That's at least 10 more than I would be doing. Well done you I am dead impressed.

Thank you! I thought i would challenge myself! I bet you could walk way more than you think!

Ok will give it a go on Tuesday as got crap to do tomorrow. A challenge has been set :)

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Fantastic!! I did W3R1 today and took the rather gorgeous Dave Grohl with me 😍 his singing in my ear got me through the 3 minute runs no bother. I may have been singing too xx

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Jancanrun in reply to louisep76

Ok am up for trying the gorgeous Mr Grohl, have just downloaded London Grammar, for hopefully the walking bits...

Ha, well done Jan...sounds like you had fun despite the itching... (walkin like an Egyptian I mean..not the crying😉)

Onwards and upwards..xx

Yes am trying to avoid crying music from now on....

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