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28 minutes with Mr Smooth!

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I forced myself into my running πŸƒ gear this morning and out the door, after Hubble left for work. After starting the new term, W7R3 had been hard, despite going back to W5R3 from W9R1 for consolidation over the summer!

So here I was on my own again with Mr Smooth, congratulating me and reassuring me I could do this. Do you find yourself talking to these virtual trainers? "Come on Michael, it must be the end now!" When he st last spoke up, I thought Yah, last minute! But no 5 more 😟! Had to dig deep for last 5 mins! I did my hill at the end of walk, so all in all, success!

In addition to Mr Smooth, I had Oldfloss in my head, who'd reassured me in my last post, that I could do it; I just needed to slow down (though I assured her I was pretty slow as it was, any slower and I'd be walking!) and keep going rather than jogging on spot. Only did that a couple of times; kept reminding myself of Olffloss

So thanks Oldfloss (name won't work subsequent times, for some reason) and Mr Smooth.

Now there's a bath πŸ›€ and cup of tea with my name on. Happy running all!

11 Replies
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I too have Mr Smooth as my coach and I always find myself saying "Yes Michael" and "Do I really have to run Michael?" I've had a few strange looks πŸ‘€

Well done on today's run πŸ‘πŸΌπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Haha that is me!! When he says ok 5 minute warm up over..it's time to run...really are you kidding??? 🀣🀣

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Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Polly2810

I often say "Can't I have a few more minutes?" and then I realise I sound like a teenager asking for more minutes in bed!!

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Spinning_22Graduate in reply to Kimchoc08

I'm saying it must be time up now MJ! Although doing 3 runs the same means after one, you know what's coming, would be nice if each run he spoke at different points and gave different motivational tips.

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Spinning_22Graduate in reply to Polly2810

I know! I think that too Polly2810, I think we'll here goes, am I going to do this???

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Spinning_22

Not am I....I am!! πŸ‘πŸ»

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Spinning_22Graduate in reply to Polly2810

Must admit, I do keep telling myself that at different points, especially today as I kept reminding myself of Oldfloss advice.

In a weird way you don't want to let Mr Smooth down!

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Spinning_22Graduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Thank you Kimchoc08

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lostgirl76 in reply to Kimchoc08

When Michael says "well done" I say "thank you Michael". Boyf gets annoyed as he's not called Michael

As a Mr Smooth fan, I do think if we got enough signatures on a yougov poll that we could get Parliament to ask Mr Smooth to do some new recordings, or maybe a personal visit to some very keen smoothies.....

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Yes.. overuse wears me out and I am the slow and steady maestro :) x

Very, very, very well done... you are doing absolute brilliantly!!!

I talk to anything, mostly the voices in my head,and they always give me the correct replies. :)

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