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Absolutely smashed it with Mr Smooth

As some of you may remember, I returned to W5R3 from W9R1, after struggling with the longer runs.

Well this morning, W8R3, I smashed it! Having got to bed late, after dropping daughter at university yesterday, I got up to a gorgeous sunny morning at 7:30. Although reluctant, I headed out the door, while hubby slept. I wasn't really feeling it and thought things might not go as well as W8R2.

The first half went by quite comfortably, and I expected the second half to be hard. Although a little harder, it wasn't too bad. I said to myself, as I have on several runs lately, if I have any energy left, I'll carry on when MJ says it's time to walk, as just 2 more mins would take me to 30 mins.

Well, I did that and more! I continued until the end of the 5 mins walk, making 33 mins and decided I couldn't end there, and had to run to the end of the road, adding probably another 3 to 4 mins!

It meant a longer walk back, but I still managed my little hill run at the end and set myself the challenge of running a little further, beyond the brow of the hill, which I managed quite well.

So one question, does that count as W8R3 or W9, seeing as I've been here before? I'm planning to continue onto W9, doing all 3 runs so I'm stronger and fitter!

W9, I'm coming to get you!

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Are you blooming amazing or what?!! Carrying on after?!! It was a gorgeous day today, so great to be out enjoying it with a brilliant run! Well done, you are literally there now. Great determination with the programme too, impressive stuff! :)

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Thanks very much Fishypieface, must have been the day for running πŸƒ, saw 7 runners whilst out.

I can't quite believe I'm nearly there. I'd hoped to graduate in the summer but struggled with longer runs and lost my mojo a bit.

Not quite sure what I'll do post C25K, I'll have to motivate myself to go but think I'll have to take MJ along for the ride a little longer

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I've just carried on plodding on, trying to get stronger, which seems to be working and taking it easy. I was all fired up to test my time, get faster, get better, do this, that and the other. But it became a chore. So I slowed right down, changed my music, tried different podcasts, books or nothing at all, except my thoughts (that didn't last long!) and now I enjoy it for its own sake which is great for me.

I hope you find your own pace and style. You've done brilliantly to keep on and re-do those weeks, you'll be stronger for it.

I'm a Sarah girl, I love Mr Smooth but Sarah makes me smile and I need all the laughs I an get!!

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I started off with Jo Wiley who I like on the radio πŸ“»; I thought changing trainer would help, when I lost my mojo and tried Sarah as quite like her. I had a few technical issues and stumbled on Mr Smooth by accident. Since then it's been Mr Smooth all the way!

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Whatever it takes to get us through it eh?! :)


Your run.. your choice...just keep it slow and keep it steady as you move on.... well done:)


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