Hill attack

Had a bad week last week as only managed to fit in one run with one thing and another getting in the way. I was feeling downhearted being post Mr Smooth and feeling like I was going off the rails so despite the fog and drizzle I made it out tonight for a shorter run - 20 mins / 3.10 km - to get back on track. I started out giving the Zombie run app a try but the pitch darkness and fog made it all too real so quickly scrolled back through the Mr Smooth app to the 20 min run I think around the end of week 5.

Surprisingly I felt like my legs had plenty of go in them so was running quite quickly (for me). I felt so good I thought I would attempt one of the hills round the park. Now I haven't run up a hill at all in my C25K training. A slight incline maybe but not a hill. With She sells sanctuary by The Cult spurring me on I went for it. I attacked that hill. Unfortunately the hill fought back and I had to use every once of mind over matter to force myself to get to the top! Round the top of the park and down the steep hill there I ragdolled it down the other side and into the last 5 minutes of the run on the lovely flat - as it will now be known. Will I ever get used to hills after being a committed lovely flat runner for the past 9 plus weeks ? Any tips for tackling hills most gratefully received. I'm guessing don't run at it like you're entering a battle on Game of Thrones might help! πŸ˜†


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  • Just noticed my Graduate badge had disappeared - maybe it's retribution for missing runs last week!

  • Hills.... okay I do bitches of hills, nasty bits of hills and horrid hills. GrannyHelen57 gave me a great tip - back stitching. Look at your hill ( if you have the puff to!) and identify milestones up it. Run to milestone 1 and then back down, then run to milestone 2 and then back down. Repeat as necessary - this worked for me on the slope of no hope and Cavendish Hill... this gives you chance to get your breath back on the down run.

    I'm thinking I need to know all your playlists too. I just bought this week's download treats so The Cult will have to wait for next week. ....

  • Back stitching - I got the highest mark in the needlework theory exam, though wasn't so great at actual real life needlework. So you keep running the milestones until you get to the top? Should I run slower than on the lovely flat? I must have looked like an angry tomato I ran at the hill so hard tonight.

    I'm still mostly on my 80s trip with the playlist - tonight was Sweet child o' mine Guns n Roses, Lessons in love Level 42, then the aforementioned Cult classic, a quick departure into modern times with Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger, and the early 2000s with Clocks by Coldplay then back to the 80s with Drive by The Cars.

  • Yes you have back stitching spot on a great method I found. And you should run slower on the hills, get your stamina up first, speed later. I've noticed somewhat depressingly as I tackle more hills and distance my timing is getting worse. Was miffed but then realised that is perfectly normal!

    My music today oldest Beach Boys youngest probably The Killers... your play list is going to cost me a ton of money...

    Today's downloads Shaggy Boombastic, Kungs This Girl, Bee Gees and Night Fever (cos I heard it at a dance recently! And Heaven 17 with Temptation...

    Firmly in the 80s me, although I love 90s too...

  • Right backstitching, shorter strides, slower and different arms it is.

    I have a Heaven 17 on my playlist 'Come live with me' but it's a bit slow - Temptation would be much better. I added Vienna at your recommendation and that's a great one as it builds. Much temptation to do slight operatic run dancing to it.

  • Oh I do the full monty... - it means nothing to me... oh Vienna!

    In Italy they are very partial to Boney M, Village People and Barry White, I just can't be seen doing the YMCA dance whilst running....

  • OMG Boney M. Rasputin is definitely being added to my playlist right now!

  • That is what I was tragically dancing to a couple of weeks ago oh and Ma Baker and Brown Girl in the Ring... I've been Italianed in my music tastes... ill update you on next weeks downloads, i have to run to earn them!

  • Wow, I'm loving' all these playlist suggestions. After reading some of these I went on Deezer and created a whole new running playlist for myself including Level 42, Heaven 17, Cult. Then I added Pompeii by Bastille (in an attempt to be more current). Then went back in time to 70s for King Harvest's Dancing in the Moonlight. Then I spotted a couple of Simon and Garfunkle tracks I thought might have the right tempo - Cecilia and Me and Julio. And then the Monkees Many Many appeared out of nowhere, and I was then into Queen. Don't Stop Me Now seems appropriate for running as did Fat Bottomed Girls.

    I downloaded 26 tracks in all - so I'm looking forward to test driving the list later this morning.

    Thanks for the inspiration antet and Jancanrun

    Maybe we should start a new thread for all us retro runners..?

  • Retro runners love it

  • Fab - always looking for new ideas for running tunes πŸ˜€

  • I'm no expert but I keep my cadence the same and shorten my stride, that way I can keep a comfortable rhythm and it means I'm not quite dead half way up.

  • Will give that a go. I think approaching it as I did in the same way as running on the flat is not the way forward. I'm not sure I'd keep going on a second attempt that way!

  • Give it a try and let us know!

  • Will do πŸ˜€

  • I've just started adding in a short bit of hillage - used a tip from here about moving your arms so they swing in front of you - bit tiring on the arms if you get the balance of effort wrong! But a good distraction from the horror of the hill itself and I'm sure the momentum helps. healthunlocked.com/couchto5... - oh and also short steps, swearing at gravity, etc. all helping me :)

  • Intriguing - am definitely going to give that a go! Horror of the hill I like. It was indeed horrific πŸ˜†

  • I use baby steps but keep the pace the same. I also prepare before the hill with some deep belly breathing, so that I am fuelled with oxygen and don't get a stitch. I try to continue this breathing as I go up the hill. I treat it a bit like changing down gear on a push bike before you actually get to the hill, otherwise you're stuffed if you leave the gear change too late (well I am on my bike).

    I'm loving some of your playlist suggestions. I have a few Heaven 17 Albums so will drag a few tracks across. I must be able to get some Level 42 on my list too (I went to school with two of them back in aliboo70land (the Isle of Wight).


  • Thank you πŸ˜€I'll give baby steps a go and try and get the breathing right. Wow fab claim to fame - I've found the rhythm of Level 42 very effective for running!

  • Hi! I have exactly the same prob as you and, disappointingly, even after doing several 5ks, it does not seem to get any better😞so I am going to try the general back stitching advice here, moving the goalposts hopefully eventually .....good luck!

  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Let me know how you get on!

  • You too! I keep putting it down to age, then to a numerous ammount of chest infections I have had this year, but, actually, i have always struggled with hills even in my younger days. My heart rate seems to be higher than average(tho still normal) even at rest, and I often wonder if that is something to do with it. Another theory I have is that perhaps my leg muscles are still not strong enough to make hills easier, and am hoping that the more I do the stronger they will get and the easier the blessed hills will be. But they are all just theories. Sometimes I get depressed about it and feel that perhaps, at 64, I am just OVER THE HILL.? Ahahahaha(hollow laughing)


  • I just think hills are hard no matter if you're 20 or 60! I'm 44 and I have avoided them. You're not over the hill by any means πŸ˜€ x

  • πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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