Week 3 Run 1 | I found this a little easier

I just finished my first run of week 3. The first 90 seconds was actually a little hard -- it felt like I hadn't fallen into a pace yet -- but then I was surprised at how it got [a little] easier! The nicest thing was noticing during the runs how it felt like even though my legs were tired, but my heart/lungs weren't, so much. It felt like I could keep going. Although the last minute of the final 3 minute run *was* very difficult.

I remember only 2 weeks ago being very out of breath after 1 minute and wanting to flop onto the grass after each one - it feels so good to see this progress! Being able to run 10-20-30 minutes still feels like a pipe dream, but I can't wait to see if I can actually get there.

Also, I think I'm finding the fact that there are only 4 runs easier, even though they are longer...


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6 Replies

  • Hi Alice 😊

    Well done on your first run of Week.3. I know, it feels like a bonus that there are only 4 runs and even though you run for longer on each one it feels like less.😄

    You are doing great by the sound of it, take it one run at a time and run nice and slow and steady... Good luck with W3 R2.

    Onwards and upwards😊x

  • Thank you! I will do that. :) Good luck with your runs, too! (I really enjoyed your latest post, and found it encouraging :) )

  • Well done! I felt the same about week 3, I think the run-walk ratio makes it feel like it's a lot quicker, which I found pleasing! You absolutely can get to the 10, 20 & 30 minute runs, just keep going, one run at a time 😀

  • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I think I just need to think about it like that - just building on each run, one at a time, and not think as "THIRTY MINUTES!?" -- this huge thing towering in front of me. :)

  • Week 3 I thought was a really nice foundation week, the slightly longer runs made me feel I was making good progress and for some reason a mental switch occurred in my head, which went from let's give running a go once more, to I enjoy running why did I stop...

    Isn't it great that already you notice the difference on your fitness? Keep running and posting its fab to read of progress and success.

  • Yes, I feel that too, like - I can't wait to get out and see what my body will be able to do this time. I will keep doing both! Thank you for your input :)

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