Week 4 run 2 - a little faster!

Morning lovelies!

Well, I took advantage of the weather being not rainy for a change, and did my second run of week 4. I noticed my first run seemed to be a little speedier, or rather a little less slow, but it felt fine, so though I did back off the pace slightly, I kept going.

I was surprised to pass the usual half way point before the half way point, if you see what I mean, and I actually got to my furthest point along the canal towpath before I had to turn round. By the end of the 2nd 3 minute run though, I was flagging a bit and the walking segment was very welcome. However I had all the encouragement from you folks going round my head, so for the second half of the last run I went for it, as suggested by Jo in my ear, and you know what? It was great. I felt great. Hot, sweaty, but great.

Can't wait for run 3, and I never thought I'd say that :)

Once again thanks to everyone who has encouraged me so far, you are all amazing!


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14 Replies

  • Nicely done Neil, see each run is adding just that bit more to your stamina...

  • Thanks! Yes, you're right, it is. Also it was the perfect running weather for me, cool and dry! I know loads of people have said this, but I never thought I'd make it this far!

  • Well done on a good run, Neil! It's lovely when we start to reap the stamina benefits at this point, isn't it? I loved week 4, I will always love week 4, for the main lesson it taught me - "you can do this, you ARE doing this!" Onward and upwards, buddy! 😘

  • Thanks for the encouragement Sadie, it really helps. I'm actually looking forward to the longer runs next week, though a little apprehensive of w5r3!

  • Me too. But am just going to grit my bum cheeks and give it a whirl. 😃

  • Ha! I'm really not sure what to reply to that :-) enjoy the run though!!

  • Well done you... if you follow the plan and take it slowly.. you do find the runs and you pace evolve.... just like I tell folk :) No need to push...it happens :)

  • Indeed :-) I have an imaginary parrot on my shoulder called "Floss" repeating "Squawk! Slow and steady, slow and steady!" Over and over :P

  • .... a parrot eh? Hmmmm !

    But.......how will you feel, when, at some time in the future... you hear me, as I run alongside you on Bridge to 10K, saying... yes, you can do this... let's go for it! :)

  • Ha! Did I mention, a very nice and encouraging parrot, of course!!

  • Phew...thanks for that...my feathers were feeling a tad ruffled:)

  • Now now, don't get in a flap! :P

  • Okay... we need to stop this now...:) It could really go on :)

  • I'm fighting to restrain my inbuilt urge for bad puns!!!

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