Week Four Day 1

Hi All,

I have completed week three and am looking towards week four day one, and I have just worked out that I will be jumping from 9 minutes of jogging to 16 (!!!) minutes of jogging.

Did anyone else find week four hard to transition into? Also, is there anyone like me that thought it'd be really hard but surprised themselves? I'm probably working my nerves up for nothing but I did find the three minute runs in weeks three quite difficult. I managed to do them but was really struggling and going quite slowly. I really don't want to have to do week three again... Should I just attempt week four day one and see how I go?

Thanks :)


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14 Replies

  • Ah... the mind...how it tricks us and tries to unnerve us.

    Just try to relax and follow the programme, knowing that it is intended to take you forward... steadily and slowly.

    You cannot move too slowly... so, warm up well and don;t think of it as attempting, think of it as doing Week 4 Run 1... you can do it.

    Relax, breathe and go for it:)

  • Hi...well done on starting this programme and getting so far!! You will continue to surprise yourself, without a doubt, I know I have.....

    I got stuck on W3 for weeks & darent move on as my mind said I wouldn't be capable...but then, I moved into W4 & nailed it, every run...now I'm on the last run of W5 & I would be lying if I said I had found the programme easy so far...but mostly, it's not the running..it's my mind, those Gremlins that sit on my shoulder telling me with every step that I can't do it...when I know I can! Everyone on here believes in each other & if ever you're struggling they will encourage you & run along with you & it's them that you can hear in your ear...keep going, week 4 will soon be a distant memory...keep posting too, we're all nosey & want to know how you're getting on!!!! Happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • The programme is designed to take you forward week by week, we've all had doubts and worries but it is all achievable.

    Don't over think it, just get your running gear on and go, just take it nice and steady at a pace that you can maintain

  • Why on earth would you need to do W3 again?

    You have completed that challenge, so move on, otherwise you will never know and as you say, you may surprise yourself.

    Look how far you have come, concentrate on the run in hand, believe in the plan and more importantly, yourself. You can do it.

    Most people find most weeks demanding, if they didn't, there would be no need for a training plan.

    Relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Did week 4 run 1 yesterday. You can do it too. I was so wary as I set off but decided to just get started and see what happened.

    The first run I always find the most challenging for some reason ( thinking, why am I doing this? I can't do this!!) but do it anyway! After that I find I am much more focused as I don't want to feel I have made all that effort for nothing!

    Just keep on going, do your best and try to be kind to yourself. We have done so well to get this far :-)

  • Well done for getting this far. The progression is quite rapid, but remember you were only running spurts of 60 seconds a couple of weeks ago. It's a great deal of mind over matter!

    I tried not to look ahead too much. If the goal is to run for 30 minutes by the end of week 9, the times have to increase as you go along. If they didn't, you wouldn't be pushed to progress.

    I made a decision at the start of week one, to follow the programme as it flowed, and only to repeat if I hadn't coped with any of the weeks along the way. I surprised myself and managed the jump each time. It wasn't easy, it challenged every fibre of my body, but I did it. Being someone who never did any rigorous exercise, the aches and tired legs were a challenge to overcome, but I just kept plodding.

    If you are a generally fit and healthy individual, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to progress through the program. Every time you complete a longer run, you will feel such an amazing sense of achievement. For me, that overcame any doubts I had.

    Tryst your body, trust your will power and trust the programme! 😀

  • If someone had told me what the jump was (I didn't bother working it out at the time) I would have been terrified! I found the previous jump worse as in my mind (and my legs, and my lungs) running 3 minutes was more than twice as hard as running 1.5 at a time.

    Definitely don't overthink it - someone else has done the thinking and worked out the programme for us and all we have to do is follow it (though with the caveat that most people take longer than 9 weeks and that is totally fine! If you have to repeat runs, they just add to your stamina and distance bank, rest days are v important, etc.) As everyone's said, if you completed the previous week, you're ready to try the next.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words! Tomorrow is the day I'll be doing W4R1, I'll be sure to let you all know when I'm finished :)

  • Well... I must apologise for tooting my own horn, but... I nailed it!!!

    And I was thinking of all of your encouragement along the way, so thank you very much :)

    Feeling unstoppable now!

  • Yay! Well done you :-) I'm just a little ahead of you and just done W4R2. Felt tough going today as very humid here in Yorkshire but just kept on regardless.

    Good luck with your next run...onward and upward!

  • I am at the same stage as you and thinking the same - week 4 and should I give up ?? :-(

  • Definitely don't give up! I've just done W4R2 and feeling great!

  • I did wk 4 r1 this morning and found the 1st 3 mins really hard but pushed through it and did the session and felt on top of the world - me running for 16 mins :-). You can do it and enjoy it.

  • I've just done w4r1 after not running since Saturday morning and a hard Pilates class last night but I did it. I just took it steady and kept on going. Very pleased with myself. Trust in the program 😊

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