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Week 3 Day 1


Yesterday I completed W3D1, yay! Three minutes is a freaking long time to run (well for me anyway lol). I found it to be a significant jump from the 90 sec intervals, but I did it! Towards the midpoint of the last 3 min run I was starting to wonder if I was going to make it but I never had to stop. Hard to imagine this time next week running 5 minutes but I'll just trust the program and repeat week 3 if I need to.

Hope everyone else is doing well,


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Well done Sherri! Yes, gradually but surely, the plan does definitely work and you have absolutely the right optimistic approach to make it a personal success for you :)

Keep on doing what you are doing so well, believe in C25K, and soon you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about with one minute runs. As the runs get longer you may find that your body tires more (you'll be asking a lot more of it!) so you may well find that 2 rest days serves you better than repetitions which fall short by a few seconds and leave you frustrated. (Just a thought - different tactics suit different people ;) ) Have fun, Linda :)

Sherbear1979Graduate in reply to LMS2110

I do find that after two days rest instead of one, I do have an easier run on the next outing. Does the program still work when you take 2 days after every run?

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Sherbear1979

Yes, it really does work - some people just need more time to get the 'healing and improving' of muscles and joints sorted - might be because of current fitness levels, prior body condition, weight, age, injuries etc etc. Another phenomenon discovered by folk on here is that once trained, one's limbs remember their state of readiness far, far better than your mind/head thinks they are! As you approach the middle of the programme, when the running gets longer, you will discover that completion relies as much as (if not more than) mental attitude than physical ability! Believe in the programme and Laura - whatever you may think, she definitely gets you ready for each stage and progress onwards. (BTW, the first weeks are the biggest effort for many of us! I reckon life/running got heaps better for me once all the little intervals disappeared ;) )

Loads of folk take longer than 9 weeks to complete ... I might stick my neck out and suggest that MOST people take longer! Don't worry. Listen to your own body - and if two days resting makes it readier to move on, then nobody here will mind or care ... We're much more enthusiastic that you should succeed happily, healthily and join us as a fitter running graduate as and when you can. Lots of luck with the weeks ahead, and keep blogging your progress so we can cheer you along. Linda :)


I wondered about repeating but kept going. Laura works as long as you don't go too fast! Well done.

Sherbear1979Graduate in reply to Canidoit

I definitely have the not going too fast part down, lol. I still have two more runs for week three so I guess I'll determine if I should repeat week 3 in a few days.


You've done really well! I do my W3R1 tomorrow so I'll understand exactly where you are at then. It does seem a big jump to 3 minutes but from all these blogs it seems attitude of mind gets you through. Good luck, I'll be looking out for you to compare notes! All the best

Sherbear1979Graduate in reply to Beek

Good luck on week 3, I did find the 3 min more of a challenge but still doable. I guess that means it's going as planned. Can you believe we've gotten to week 3!? :)


well done, your doing so well,

The best bit is how it all comes together every week, thats whats so great about it.

I was exactly like you only 3 weeks ago, every step was an effort and id come home red faced after each run totally shattered 3 minutes seemed like a lifetime, and somehow i just ran 20 continous minutes 2 days ago. And it was actually nowhere near as difficult as those first weeks, I actually found it easier than week 1 and 2 lol. I keep asking myself, how did that happen, how did i do it.. but somehow it really works, youl do great, keep believing it and you'll do it. :-) trish x

Sherbear1979Graduate in reply to bikergirl

Congrats on the 20 min run, I bet that feels unbelievable. It's very reassuring to hear that people who found the first weeks a challenge are able to complete the big 20 minutes, gives me hope that soon I will be able to do the same. Keep up the great work!

Have also just completed W3R1. The last minute of the last 3 min run seemed longer than the first 2 minutes. Still can't quite get my head around how, if I struggle with 3 minutes, I'll ever manage 20 but I guess I've just got to stick with the programme. One positive though - I thought there'd be another 90 sec run after the last 3 min walk and felt I could have done it had there been so there was still something left in the tank. Good luck to everyone else on Week 3!

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