Week 1 completed

Good morning folks,

So week one and all three runs completed. Still quite nervous of other people. Run two, there was a group of teenagers and one of the lads commented (yes I heard πŸ˜•) but was quickly followed by a swift slap from one of the girls which I did have to chuckle at. He seemed to be the only one out of their group that had a problem with me running, but hey ho. Run three was much better and I think I'd gotten over the anticipation of waiting for someone to say something, so just cracked on and glad I did too.

Moving onto week 2 with a good outlook and hoping it not to be too much of a shift from week 1! How did you find the transition from running 60 seconds to running 90?

Hope you're all having a lovely day x


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  • Ah there you are emilymay1992 was wondering where you got to glad your at it.

    You'll be fine for week 2 as this program works slow and steady , just started week 6 this morning and can't believe it I gasped my way through those early weeks xxxx

  • I preferred week 2 to week 1, you only need to start running 6 times rather than 8, the breaks are longer and you arent really running much more in total (9 minutes compared to 8 in week 1)

    I found once i was going, keeping going the extra 30 was hard, but not as hard as stopping and starting again.

  • In the first few weeks I was petrified about every new increase in running time. But the programme works :) You will not fail as long as you keep going out the front door ☺

  • Cheeky lad - glad he didn't get away with it! Ignore the world - who cares what they think? Go for it. :)

  • Oh yes Cuig1975 im still here! Not given up yet! Well done you, I bet you're feeling great for getting to week six :) I'm looking forward to it myself but at this point I cannot see it happening πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ Irish-John I feel the same now, but I suppose the only way to find out is to get out the door as you say! dipdab 6 times instead of eight works well for me mentally πŸ˜‚ By the time number six comes around on week one, I'm literally counting the seconds down myself!!

    I must say though, as much as I whinge about actually getting out the door, I have felt so much better coming back. It's been a hugely stressful week with my two girls this past week, so just to have half an hour to myself has been great!

    And yes AnneDroid I'm glad he didn't get away with it either, cheeky little sod. I'll be reaping the rewards soon enough, so I'll try and forget that incident and move on!

    Have a lovely day everybody x

  • Sounds like you are enjoying it already. The addiction will kick in before too long 😁 The thought of the time increase is often worse than the reality. One foot in front of the other as slowly as is necessary will get you there. Look forward to hearing how you get on πŸ‘ŸπŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸƒ

  • It certainly is kicking in RunningGeek. You were right, the thought was definitely worse than the reality. I just took my time and admired the scenery, albeit very dark!

  • Excellent news :-) I'm not too keen on the dark evenings having started this lark in the summer :-( Still, I keep turning out & keeping the grumpiness at bay :-)

  • Good for you, nobody likes the grumps. I'm finding it really great for clearing my head. I am the opposite, I love the dark! I'm a proper night owl (although, notoriously famous for admiring it through a window, with a glass of wine, a log fire and pyjamas!), so slightly different being outside πŸ˜‚

  • Very well done indeed... despite heckler :)

    You are, I am afraid hooked, and it is great!

    Follow the programme, slow and steady and each step will follow the next . Your journey, your way !

  • Hooked indeed Oldfloss! The programme has my full attention, and I'm looking forward to getting results!

  • That's great that you did W1 with no problems. Based on that, W2 will be very achievable for you. I found W2 easier because there were fewer running parts. They may be longer, but it felt less to me. Good luck!

  • Thanks Tailsmo! It was achievable this evening. Going to take a break tomorrow and maybe get out again on Thursday.

  • Don't worry about the heckler :P I still feel a bit awkward if I see people when I'm out running, but the only shouts I've had were 'Rocky Balboa!' and 'Run Forest'.... I quite like the Rocky one :D

    Before I started running, I was always envious when I saw others out for a jog around - even if they looked tired I'd think 'wow they're so fit'... so, maybe people who see us think that... hopefully... maybe :D

  • Hahaha! I think it's gonna be a while before anyone starts calling me rocky πŸ˜‚ I'm enjoying it though so that's what matters :)

  • Well, run 1 of week 2 completed. Doable, just need to stop speeding up when I see car headlights or I'm gonna do myself some damage πŸ™ˆπŸ˜† feeling good guys, feeling good. Here's to the coming week - hurrah! Update next Monday if you're not all bored of me by then!

    Emily x

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