Week 3 completed!

I have just finished week three and it was so hard especially that last 3 minutes you have to run but I did it! However, I am so slow and I have looked at week four and it seems impossible to think to think I could run five minutes. Also, what do people think about when they run as I find if I don't think about anything I just concentrate on how hard this is and how am I going to finish! Did people notice a time when it got little easy to run that long or is it just always really hard? When did people also start to see physical appearance results?


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  • Don't worry about being slow, just go as slow as you need to be able to complete the run you're doing. I concentrated on thinking about the tips that Laura passed on in each run, so not bobbing up and down etc or sang along with the music in my head - anything other than thinking about how hard it was as that would have definitely been a fast track to failure for me.

  • Yes! I know I shouldn't think about that but its so hard not too!

  • It is hard not to. Have you got somewhere nice to run where you can admire the scenery as you're plodding along? That might help take your mind off it.

  • anything to take your mind elsewhere really, music, talking book, singing to yourself :) there is particular time when it seems easy or hard , if it was really easy would be gain so much from it?

    anychange in body shape or weight loss for me was gradual and an added bonus :)

  • At your stage I did the same as you - trying to get the technique right before having to run for too long at once, and making sure my knee wasn't under too much strain. Now I use audiobooks and the time flies by mostly.

    My weight is unchanged (though I am a fairly healthy weight having lost a lot on WW 10 years ago) and most of my measurements are the same as before (this is a surprise, because my jeans feel looser). My waist has reappeared out of nowhere I definitely go 'in at the middle' now instead of the old muffin I used to carry round. The biggest difference for me has been my sense of pride in my achievement and the feeling of positivity and un-depression (most unusual for me, particularly during the winter months).

  • Music works for me every time although I know some people hate it. Physically, I haven't lost any weight although clothes feel looser. But I feel MILES better.

  • I listen to music...'re slow... sometimes I am so slow I meet myself coming back lol!Once you are doing the 30 minutes you can work on speed if you want to...I am just happy to get out there..

  • I found listening to a podcast or audiobook really helped as the effort required to follow the action takes my mind off whats going on with my body, this did mean that I had to use the app instead of the C25K podcasts, but made the sessions seem easier. No great weight loss here but my legs are much more toned and my bum is quite nice and tight. Noticed this around W8.

  • Slow is good and each new week brings a new challenge but Laura is slowly but surely preparing you for each new week so you will be fine. I listened to Laura and the music mainly but now I like to run without anything although I notice most people seem to like music or books. I've lost about half stone and not only do my clothes fit better but I'm back in a pair of jeans I haven't worn for a while. Not sure when any of it happens really. It just seems to creep up on you :)

  • You can do it Katie, dont you worry about that !

    Slow and steady is the way. Dont worry about your speed, it matters not a jot !

    This is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, each weeks runs prepare you for the next weeks. Trust in the programme , it is challenging yes, but do-able.

    Good Luck and keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • As you've said, it was hard but you did it. Think back to that first run and remember how hard that was, but it wouldn't be too hard now. With each run you are getting stronger. Each step you are building your endurance so keep at it and take it slowly. Slow is good!

    When I ran in those weeks I thought about how I'd feel if I didn't finish the run and that spurred me on. I also thought about how great I'd feel once I did finish it!

    It will get easier but it takes time and patience. There is no timeframe and it just happens one day. You'll be out running and think " that was easier". But you have to put the groundwork in and move.

    I've noticed my body has toned significantly. My bum and legs are firm and don't wobble when I run anymore! My posture is better ( stronger core) but the biggest change is mental. I feel invincible!

  • I have the mental gremlins too, telling me I can't do it. I get feisty with them and tell them where to go (not out loud - don't want to get stared at...) Sometimes I set myself stupid challenges, like counting back from 100 in 3s, or naming all the places I can think of beginning with a letter of the alphabet. Beyond that, music and bloody-mindedness help. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you won't see a big weight loss straight away, but you will tone up. That just creeps up on you, but it's great. Keep going. We all find it hard at times, but it's worth it.

  • love the idea of mental tasks.. may have to give that a go!

  • You can do it, and you will! Laura is stealthily getting you ready for it, you can't argue with her! I need music, any music, to distract me, in fact I'm still listening to the C25K podcasts, I find them very comforting, like an old friend. I lost weight from about week 2 slowly and steadily, about a stone now. I've dropped a dress size.

  • I feel with you Katie! I do find each week is starting to get harder and harder on me mentally.. but as soon as it's over I'm amazed that it's done - while I couldn't ever imagine running the first 3 minutes, and then the second, I did it.. 3 times.. and so did you! and now the thought of 90 seconds is reassuring as a 'small' run.. so what I'm hoping is that with each run, while it's tough - believing that I can do just this one more run will keep a trail of 'easier' ones behind us.. and suddenly we'll be doing the big ones thinking how a 5 minute run is a safe quick one.

    as for what i think about - I've noticed that when I blast really good music with lyrics, I'm just singing along or enjoying the beat.. or else I get a lot of self thought and ideas that make me want to give up.

    Happy up beat music definitely helps me! Good luck, we can both do it!

  • I am only on week 2 but I find inspirational music helps me. I am going to try Andrea Bocelli on my last run of week 2. Week 3 looks scary. I think I will heed to slow down to get to the end.

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