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Day 1 of Week 1

Really proud of myself today! Day 1 and managed to complete the full 25 minutes without stopping (I went to the gym and did it on the treadmill), although did feel my knees start to wobble half-way through. Actually felt like I had a good workout. I had the app on my phone whilst I listened to my ipod - I like to listen to music whilst I run but don't want to keep taking out the both of them how do others do it? Is it right that I am only meant to only run three times a week during week 1?


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I varies between 3 and four times a week. You get a rest day after each run. Take that rest day at all costs! You will need it. Your body has to have time to repair itself after each run. You can do other exercise though such as walking, swimming or cycling. Anything but running

Good luck!


Well done, keep it up x


Definitely give yourself the rest days! If you're like me, you'll be missing the running on those days, and really eager to get out for the next run!


Well done! If you're using the app as opposed to the podcasts then you can listen to your own music (that you have on your phone) and the app at the same time. Well, that's what I did when I used the app. I'm using the podcasts at the moment.

Good luck with your next run!


Brill! Enjoy the journey!


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