Week four worries!

Made the mistake of checking out what week four entails, and how got myself really panicking about managing it!

Having finished week three today, I was feeling confident, but the three minute jogs seem to kill me - five minutes is asking a lot, especially with the shorter recovery times!

Did anyone else have a problem with this (what seems like a) big step up in requirement?

I'm willing to give it a go, because I won't know until I try it, but I have very little hope right now!


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16 Replies

  • Don't worry about it. It may seem daunting, but this programme works - I just ran race for life on Sunday in 37 mins!! Each week does have you in a bit of panic, I think the worst one was week 5 when they want you to run for 20 mins, I was a wreck. But i did it and so can you. Just take your time and concentrate, you'll get there. Good luck.

  • Trust in the power of Laura!! It seems that every run tests us to our limits but somehow we find a bit more. Remember also that you are building up stamina and you probably need to slow down. Iam tortoise like, I admit, but just keep plodding and dont give up hope! :) Just think of all those still on the couch you have already left behind! :)

  • Just repeat to yourself, in time with your stride, "I-can-do-it-I-can-do-it" lol...

    Yes, it's a big step...trust the programme, it's all about success. You'll be amazed at yourself.

    Good luck, and good running...

  • I was worried too. I have one more run in week 4 to complete, have managed to do it both times, even though I was apprehensive. Slowing down to the 'gentle jog' helps a lot - plod along!

  • Thanks everyone! I'm not sure there is a speed slower than my current jog (think I could walk about as quickly) but speed will be what I can focus on when I complete week 9 (see - looking ahead!)

    I'll let everyone know how it goes, and I won't let myself down :)

  • I finished my last run of week 3 yesterday too so either starting week 4 tomorrow or Monday. I'm sure we'll be fine we've managed so far and we are still alive to tell the tale yay! Its scarey everytime you start a new week and it always seems such a step up but it can be done look how many people have managed it so far. We can do this good luck :)

  • Good luck to you, too! Hopefully we both make it through week 4 in one piece!

  • i felt the same .but u will do it . and u will be so chuffed with yr self at the end of 5 mins.i think u will do it. 7 wks ago i could only just do wk 1 now i have done 2 runs of wk 7 which is 2 lots of 25 minute runs without stopping .

  • I was worried too, mostly because the last thing you do is a longer run. But I've made it (mostly - my third run is scheduled for today) and it was easier than I thought it would be.

    I try not to think about it all too hard and just follow the program, which has worked for me so far. :)

  • I did exactly the same. At age 52 I think a bit extra rest or a repeat can be useful. I finished week 3 a week ago and saw what week 4 involved and thought "I can't do that!". So I rested and repeated week 3 run last wednesday. Yesterday I did the first week 4 run and although it was VERY tough I managed it. SO it can be done! Going to do run 2 on Tuesday.

  • About to do week 4 run 1 today - and am very worried! The last 3 min run on week 3 almost kills me too - the family always comment about the state I look when I get home! The very red face is not a good look.

    Hoping its not too hot out today and fingers crossed!

  • I have a panic attack before I go out at the start of a new week. Just finished week 3 and the last 3 minute run was a killer for me! I am 56 tomorrow and try to tell myself I can do this but my inner self keeps saying no you can't!!! I am doing the programme with a lovely lady from Slimming World and she is only 32 so I think I'm over thinking the age difference as she is a complete beginner to running as well. I'm going to do R1 tomorrow on my birthday so wish me luck everyone.

  • Hang on in there. The programme really does work and you have to trust Laura to look after you. I have found that it as much a mental exercise as physical, those gremlins that keep telling you that it's ok to walk, not finish because you are soooo tired etc and your legs won't be like jelly slugs if you stop. They are wrong!! If your companion runner is younger and faster (?) then try and settle into your own pace and don't be forced. This will help you to build your stamina and strength and find your own rhythm. We are all different. My husband has just joined a rowing club, he is 20 years older almost than the other people on his course and he is surprised at how unfit the younger ones are! He was so worried to start with but he completed C25K before he started that and it has given him more confidence.

    Happy Birthday welshwoman56! - you are a star! :)

  • p.s. He is 56 too!

  • Thank you so much BettyTwinkle. I did it!!! It was so difficult doing the last five minute run as it was all uphill in the woods,I thought I'd let the dog have a run as well!!! Your support and advice was really appreciated and although I'm not looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow I know that I can and will do it. Can I be cheeky and ask how old you are and how far you can run now?

  • I was 53 last Thursday and this morning I ran 5km in 35mins. I never thought I could do it, I was a sprinter at school (many years ago!) and after many years of doing nothing; just running to the post box 300 metres away nearly used to kill me! What was really sweet, was a friend of mine who I hadn't seen for ages and I met at primary school recommended the programme to me and knew that I could do it. She was right. She started it with someone who had had breast cancer and who after alot of treatments wanted to do something for herself and get her fitness back. She has, is an inspiration and so instead of squidging my fat rolls, I decided to get off my lazy **** and do something too!!

    It isn't always easy, but the sense of achievement you get through completing each section is fantastic. I had a bad run at one stage but the forum really encouraged me - they all understand and put my "failure" totally into context. I had lost confidence in myself, but they dusted me down and set me on the road again, for which I'm grateful.

    If you need any help or advice, this is the place to find it. Well done you for getting this far, it will help build you stamina, your self esteem and even if you don't tell people what you are doing, they tend to notice that there is something subtley different about you!!

    Long reply for a very short question!! Don't forget your rest day and let me know how you get on - gooooood luuuuuuccckkkkkk !! :) :)

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