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Week 4 done!

I did W4r3 this evening- the first one on my own! It was a struggle for several reasons, but the actual running wasn't one of them :D It was pouring with rain, which was ok some of the time, but not when the rain was falling into my eyes!

I've just moved to Brighton for work, so it was a bit of a challenge, as I was working out where to run as I was running! Also not used to having people around... I didn't look at anyone's face, which I think was a good idea, but there were some people who didn't want to let me pass... finally, as I got to the end of the first 5 minute run, my mp3 player decided it was going to skip back to the beginning, but I kept going and made sure that I followed the programme, ascend got there! Week 5 here I come!

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Not so reluctant then. Because rain, new place, bolshy pedestrians and pesky tech all gave you some hurdles but you carried on regardless. Is that one of the old Carry On films 🎥? If so it should be remade with the star runners of this forum. Brilliant you stuck at it. Well done you

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Good for you!! We can do this...wk 5 here we come! 😊🤞


Very well done you... It is hard, but try and keep your head up and just enjoy being out there... maybe work out some routes with walks to check out less congested areas... even find a park or along the sea front.. ( not on a sunny day in High season though!)

A cap is great, for sun and rain.. I wear a Trail Heads... ( not I don;t work for them! ) Large peak and keeps rain off wonderfully!


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