W6R3 done! With 4 personal bests

Running for 25 minutes is HARD. I did it, but not without difficulty, which was surprising because the 20 minute run of week 5 was fairly easy. The gremlins came out for the first 5 minutes today, but once I got into a rhythm they went away. I was pleasantly surprised when Laura said I was halfway through because I had expected her to jump in at 10 minutes as well. But at around the 15 minute mark it started to go downhill. I lost control of my breathing and had to slow down to a shuffle to get proper breathing back and take a few sips of water - extremely uncoordinated as I was still running/shuffling. I wasn't going too fast...I noticed today that I sometimes *forget* to breathe. I end up holding my breath for a few seconds, then I'll remember and breathe again, and the cycle continues. At the 20 minute mark I was glad to have only 5 minutes to go, but it was the most random 5 minutes I've run. I had to speed up for a burst of energy, slow down to control my breathing, stay at my regular pace to keep going...I was going back and forth between speeds for the entire last 5 minutes. But it's done, and I hit 4 PBs:

- longest run: 35:16 mins

- farthest distance: 4.15 kms

- fastest km: 7:22 mins

- fastest mile: 11:52 mins

This is the first time I regretted sticking with the podcast instead of listening to my own music. But when my earworm came on ("coz I got both feet on the ground, my head is spinning round and round") I burst out laughing. It's hard to believe that exactly one month ago I was ecstatic because I had managed to run for 3 whole minutes - twice!


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19 Replies

  • I really like reading this because not only do I like to see people achieving it also puts me in perspective :) I'm only on w2d1 and while running I was thinking "5K there's no chance in hell I will get there" :)

    Anyway well done !

  • Well done! We all thought that about getting to 5k, but then we graduated, and it's not about reaching 5k, but running for 30 mins without stopping, 5k can come later..just take it very steady and you'll get there without too many problems..

  • You can do it. Just take it one run at a time :)

  • Well done!

  • Thank you!

  • shows how well the programme works.. and how well you are doing!!

  • Thanks!

  • That's great, you didn't let those miserable gremlins win, you cracked it! It IS unbelievable isn't it? I still cant quite believe I can run...well done!

  • Thanks!

  • Week 6 gremlins kept your mind so busy you forgot to breath????

    Seriously, you're doing really well, four PB's. Think they took your mind off the ankle problem too.

  • They do! Those damn gremlins :) I spent 5 minutes thinking "my ankles hurt, my shins hurt, oh dear now my knees hurt" and when Laura said I'd run for 5 minutes it all magically went away!

  • I also forget to breathe sometimes, bit of a problem isn't it! Good for you on beating the gremlins though and toughing out the run, I will use that for inspiration for my run tomorrow.

  • Yeah, I really need to focus on my breathing the entire run and not forget about it. Little annoying when that happens. Good luck for your run!

  • Well done on completing 25 minutes :)

    That's you now- running from here on!!

    I've just done run 1 of week 6, struggling a bit with believing I'll be able to run for 25 minutes on Friday.

    Your posts have been great to follow, looking forward to how you find the new regime. Good luck xx

  • I'm looking forward to the long runs! You're almost there yourself. Good luck!

  • I find Laura a bit random, I never know when she's going to jump in! Sometimes I'm delighted (60 seconds left), sometimes I'm gutted (you've been running for 5 minutes).

    Keep going, you're doing great :o)

  • Thank you! I know what you mean about Laura...I've spent plenty of time arguing with her in my head.

  • Well done Shivani. You're getting there now. Excellent work.

  • Thank you, Andy!

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