Week 4 Done

Once again I'm amazed at my progress! Tonight was probably my worst run so far. Horrendous head wind made it all the more difficult but I had to go tonight as otherwise my routine would be all to pot. First app issue tonight too. At some point during the first 5 minute run it switched itself off. Felt like I'd been running ages and Laura still hadn't said half way. Took my phone out and the app had stopped. Faffed about to sort it and carried on from half way but not sure how long that run ended up being. Prob only a min or so more...

That aside it's been good and I can't give up my own music now, the Latin sounds of the Chef soundtrack keep me on track!

Looking towards Wk5 with the usual dread and excitement!


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11 Replies

  • Well done! I was due to go for same wk4 run 3 tonight but felt under the weather all day at work so decided to give it a miss. Will see how I feel in the morning and how the weather is

    Actually feel guilty for not going!

  • Hope you're feeling better soon x

  • Well done. If you can run in this weather just think how lovely it will be running in the spring!

  • Run in weather like this and you cab run anywhere at any time...go you!

  • Well done! Did my Wk 4 run 3 this morning and share your feelings about Wk5...

  • I have also just finished week 4 - can't believe I can run for 5 minutes! I left three days between the last two runs so the final one wasn't any easier than the first two. Wondering whether to do the week again, but will try week 5 run 1 on Monday first.

    Good luck!

  • I've contemplated repeating this week because it really wasn't easy but I've decide to just move on and see how week 5 goes x

  • Hi Pumpkin, well done on completing week 4, that's fab... Flipping hard though isn't it?! Would be interested to hear if you do decide to repeat week 4 or go for week 5... I think the same dilemma will be with me when I complete week 4 tomorrow... Kind of hoping the last run will be a little easier! Keep it up, you're doing great. Nat :)

  • Even more of dilemma now. I've chickened out of running in this stormy weather yesterday and today so now I'm worried that the gap between my last run is getting too big and I'll need to repeat! Thought I was being a wuss not going because of the weather but just walked the dog and almost got blown away so probably was the sensible decision.

  • Hi Pumpkin, Definitely a sensible decision, would have been a very tricky run in that weather! I'm running on treadmill at home with incline just now due to fear of knee pain returning and tonight completed week 4. I'd hoped it would feel a little easier being the last run but blimey, it was tougher than ever! I had to go the slowest I've ever run on the last 5 mins and though I did make it to the end (had a few choice words for poor Laura during those last couple of mins!) I was cross with myself as it felt like the worst wk 4 run for me. Even though it was far from great, I'm going to move to week 5 on weds. If I really can't make the 8 min runs, I'll go back and repeat a wk 4 run, but I'm going to try very, very hard and have a word with myself! Also want to head back outside soon, so think I may end up repeating a week when I do that as I think it might be harder going, so can't afford any more repeats than necessary! Do let me know how you get on when it's safe to venture back out. I think we can do week 5... It's mind over matter :). I took a 2 day running break last week as away for work, and actually my run was better for the extra gap, maybe the same for you after a slightly longer leg rest from running? We can do this! Good luck, Nat

  • Me again :) I just looked ahead at wk 5 properly and unless I am being really dim (quite likely), run 1 looks to be easier than the week 4 runs we just finished?! 15 mins of running, we did 16, and longer walk breaks? So... It's almost like repeating a run anyway!!! Bring on week 5... Well at least bring on run 1!

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