W9r3 finished. I am a graduate. Ya dancer👍😃 - Couch to 5K

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W9r3 finished. I am a graduate. Ya dancer👍😃


Went to my local park again after work for my graduation run. Actually found this one pretty hard going even though I've run the half hour/5k 5 times already. Think it was the pressure knowing it was the last run but I'm overjoyed to actually finished. My plan was to get fit enough to run round the Loch 3 times a week and I'm capable of doing it now. Just need to keep it up.

Now the important bit. Where do I apply for my badge lol.

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Well done and congratulations to you for your great achievement. Completing the plan is no easy thing to do. Enjoy your future graduate runs and keep it up. You can ask for your badge at the pinned posts sections and should be under a post for August graduates.

Whoop whoop! Many congratulations to you, enjoy the loch 🙂


Congratulations EuanR

You are quite fast, male and now that you are a graduate, you need to keep up the slow and steady progress. That grey smudge after your name only confers partial superhero status, so build those legs gently over the coming months and welcome to the Graduate club.


Yaay well done to you 🎉


Many congratulations. Being able to run round a loch sounds lovely too 😊

Well done , such and achievement x


Congratulations Graduate 🎉🎉

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