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W9r3 done! Officially a graduate!


I’m a few days late finally completing w9r3 due to a cold/cough but so pleased and proud of myself for completing the programme!! At the end of my run I gave a great loud ‘yeah!!’ - good job no one was around, although actually I was on such a high that I would have done it anyway and told anyone I could why! Also well chuffed that final distance was 4.8k so nearly there within 30 mins!

This programme is fantastic - I really don’t think I would have done this alone. I think drinking plenty of water, never skipping a week, realising it’s ok to repeat a run or have extra rest days and getting to know my route really well have been the big things I have learnt that have helped. As well as this forum which is so supportive!!

Thanks all, good luck on your running journeys!!

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A big fantastic congratulations to you I know how you feel go and celebrate 😉🏃🏻‍♂️🏁🎓🎓😀🏆🏅 you might what to try a parkrun totally free you just need to register online print barcode and take it with you and it’s all organised by the community and everyone is so friendly happy running 😉

Bluesky44Graduate in reply to Kevtrev

Thanks! Have looked at my local parkrun and am definitely going to give that a go. Can’t believe that I know I can do it!! 👍

Kevtrev in reply to Bluesky44

The program really does work doesn’t it I’m running Wednesday and Saturday a parkrun which looks like my weekly thing now after only going once and I’m doing race for life 14th July then maybe train for a 10K 😉😀🏆🏁🎓🏅👍


Huge congrats ! It's amazing what a difference water makes, isn't it !

Bluesky44Graduate in reply to backintime

So much of a difference! Still get heavy legs between 20-25 mins which then eases again but much better when I’ve had enough water!


Very well done Bluesky. Hope you feel proper grand! As you should.


Well done. That’s fantastic.

Well done you, hope to get there soon 😊😊


Congratulations! While pace doesn’t matter, you were slightly faster than me on that run, I think my best was 4.75 on the plan! Celebrate your achievement well, enjoy consolidation and all your future running adventures


Massive congrats 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️ Play that song loud and proud 😄


Congratulations on completing c25k you must be so pleased well done 😊😊👏👏


Thank you all for your comments, now looking forward to consolidating as per excellent advice on this forum! And treating myself to a new pair of trainers! 🏃🏼‍♀️


Brilliant! Well done you 😇

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