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Week 2 completed (with a longstanding dodgy knee)! Maybe I can do this!

Hi peeps.

I've been reading all your inspirational stories. I've only just discovered this forum after starting C25K myself

I've just completed week 2 and haven't died, which I convinced myself would happen.

I've had a dodgy knee since childhood which I think makes me run with a weird gait and quite slowly but hey, despite a few calf cramps, I've managed week 2. Onwards and upwards.

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I think if you die during week 2 you are probably doing something wrong. Good luck and hope the knee stays fine. Stretch those calves. I think I got a bit beyond week 2 and got really tight calves for a few weeks but stretching them every day helped and I don't have such an issue any more.


Really glad you didn't die in W2! Slow and steady is the best mantra, if you have had knee troubles then it may make sense (if you think that running is your thing) to get your gait checked out, so you can get the right shoes to support your knees. Take care with W3 runs and do those stretches.... 👍

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Welcome and go you...!

Make sure you have the right running shoes, and you should be fine.... Listen to your body though, and feel free to ask any questions etc.. I think between all of us, we have answers to most running issues:)

Slow and steady is the mantra and that goes for all of us! Keep posting too!


Thank you, what fab support you all offer!

I'm going to go get some proper shoes if you think it will help. I thought proper running shoes were for proper runners but it might just help me get through!

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You are a proper runner... you are doing this! :)

Your shoes are your best purchase...they will carry you for many, many happy miles:)

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