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Week 2 completed ... and a question

Hi Last weekend, I introduced myself and was happy to report back having competed week 1.

Now, one week older, I am happy that I was able to stick to the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (hopefully soon to be) routine. Overall it felt quite enjoyable and I would have liked to run for a little longer than the 90 seconds. But I listened to Laura and remembered the advice to take it slowly, so longer runs will be for next Wednesday.

On quick question tough. In the podcast of week 2, Laura mentions breathing in and out on your left foot for one-two-three-four. Does she mean breathing in and out for the duration 4 times the left foot (which seemed awfully long) or for 4 steps, i.e. left-right-left-right (which on the other hand felt rather short but more comfortable)?

Happy running!

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Laura's breathing advice splits this forum. Most of us found it impossible to follow at that early stage of the programme and abandoned it in favour of what comes naturally. It is certainly not worth stressing over, although worth bearing in mind for the future.


I didn't follow the podcast but did read a few of the posts on here and tried a couple of different counts before finding something that worked for me. I breathe in for three steps and out for three steps. I run real slow and that seemed to fit in with my pace.


Just breathe :)

However and in whatever way suits you. There is so much to focus on at this stage.. relaxing your body, head up. not bouncing etc, just breathe.

Keep it really slow and steady, and you will find, as do many of us your natural breathing pattern just comes .

Some days my pattern works perfectly, but on mornings like yesterday when the air was really chilly, it was bit all over the place to start..had to breathe in and out through my mouth because the cold air hurt my nose :)

Do it your way... just make sure you keep breathing:)

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Do what comes naturally. If you go steady you will find out what your run rhythm is 🙂 Don't go further. Stick with the programme 🙂

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4 steps


Laura says only 2 things that you are allowed to ignore:

1) Advice on breathing (just do what comes naturally)

2) "Land on your heels".

Everything else is mandatory....

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Echoing what others have suggested.... don't worry about your breathing this is sonething that will settle as you progress through the plan😊

Do take it slow and steady and breathe as normally as you can to complete each run section. You can recover a bit during the walk breaks.

Good luck with Week 2 and keep going. 😊


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