Couch to 5K

Week 1 day 2 completed

I have just started the couch to 5k, done two sessions of the first week, one more to go then onto week 2.

I decided to start this as I want to lose weight and get a bit healthier.

I find myself struggle to breathe when I'm doing the run for 60 seconds.

I'd also like to have someone else with me to do it with me but nobody else wants to come with me.

I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring and notice how my fitness improves.

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Well done on making a change. Yes, it is tough isn't it when you're not used to it but this plan really works. I remember being so out of breath the first week and barely recovered before the next 60 second run would start. But as the weeks go on you get fitter and it will all slot into place :-)

I am a lone runner - to be honest I don't really have many friends and my boyfriend is more of a cyclist so I do it alone. But once you have completed the course you could try parkruns - make new friends there and then find some running buddies.

All the best :-) x


Hey - we'll all be with you along the way!

Well done for getting started - it's a fantastic programme and you will soon see a difference. It is normal to find it hard going! If you are struggling with the breathing slow down as much as you can. The object is to build stamina and it's a common mistake to run like the clappers and run out of puff.

Good luck - keep us posted on your progress.


Well done for getting started. I remember feeling the same. This programme is great but will always push you that bit further than you think you can do. That's how you build your stamina and fitness. I am pretty much "done in" by the end of the runs, but have always been able to move on to the next week (even if my head is telling me I can't!) I have just completed week 5 - and would never have believed it possible a few weeks ago. I feel fitter and stronger so stick at it and enjoy the elation of completing the runs. You can do it :-)

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Hi strawberrysmoothie, great name! My face looked like a tomato smoothie after my week one runs! Don't try to go even slightly fast. Go as slow as you can! Gradually you'll find your stamina increases as you push yourself further. This forum is the greatest place too, for info, help, and people who will cheer you on as you go. Excellent that you've taken the plunge as it were and started c25k. Keep on going, you'll get through it and you'll find support by the bucketload on here. :)


Well done on getting started. I began last week and am planning my first Week 2 session tonight. I ran on my own (with Laura in my ears!)on Tuesday, at 6.45 am, and it was wonderful. I find the heat really saps my energy but that early morning outing left me feeling energised.

Keep going, you'll not be alone if you have Laura talking you through it, and hopefully you will find you will get stronger quite quickly. Just take it steady, repeat weeks if you need to and you will get there. And run somewhere that you like and feel safe in.

If you go along to your local Parkrun, you will probably find other people who are walking the course or jogging really slowly. If there is a tail runner (most Parkruns have them, I think), they will go at the pace of the slowest person, so if you can walk 5k, you'll have company until you're ready to run a bit more.


I also struggle with the breathing, but find that going really slowly and breathing 'in for two, out for two' helps.


PS re running alone. Many years ago I tried running with my now ex husband. He always used to set off ahead of me, usually farting loudly and excessively which always put me off. I much prefer running with just Laura for company now - am more confident and making better progress. Perhaps the improved air quality!


Welcome to the forum!! I too, remember puffing and panting in the first few weeks, face still like a beetroot. It will get easier as you get further on.

This program, works so well ;)


Thanks everyone for your support. Week 2 day 1 completed this morning. My legs are sore but proud of myself


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