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Week 2 completed, surprised myself ☺️


I've just completed W2R3 ! 2 weeks ago doing couch to 5K hadn't even entered into my mind. Kind of duped into it by my bestie who suggested a power walk one Monday evening (11th to be precise) which I'm always up for.... Then she says "well it's not exactly a power walk". I came up with all the excuses I could, no comfy trainers, week bladder, I'm knackered, Emmerdale is on soon, I've got a blister..... She had an answer for flipping everything, so within an hour I scrounged a load of running things from my next door neighbour & there I was puffing away almost at the end of my first run but thanking her for convincing me. Within an hour I'd downloaded the app myself, planned a shopping trip for new trainers and felt more determined than I have in years.

Fast forward 12 days and I've just completed week 2. I know it's still early days but feeling very proud of myself. Plus this morning I underestimated the distance I would travel so after heading in a new direction I quickly found myself running up hill, albeit a gradual one. But, I kept going and then enjoyed the return run back down again.

I hope I can manage week 3 as I've had a sneaky peak and am thinking OMG !! .... but also 'I can do this' 😊

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Well done you, week 3 was easier than I thought. Slow and steady you have this!

Thanks Carolyn & that is very reassuring to hear, I hope it's the same for me too🤞🏻


Oh well done hun 😊 thats fantastic 😊 waaaaah!!!!😭 i am so behind now...still full of cold so no hope of getting out today!!!keep up the good work 😙

Tracey73 in reply to Hidden

Don't worry Claire, once your cold is going you'll be back at it. You're full of determination and before you know it we'll be graduating and thinking Wow well done us, how did we do that ! 😊x

HiddenGraduate in reply to Tracey73

I hope so!!!xx

You've done brilliantly so far, and no reason to doubt you will keep doing so.. you can do this!

I too was apprehensive about week 3 - how on earth was i going to manage a whole 3 mins, when only a week or so ago, I could barely breathe after 1. But finished w3r1 this morning, not as bad as I expected - kept it nice and slow.

Look forward to hearing how you get on

Ahh thank you & well done you on doing W3r1. That will be me on Monday. Its so reassuring & encouraging to hear how everyone else is getting on & then to read it's not as bad as it was thought to be. Look forward to hearing how you do too ☺️ good luck !

I've just completed week 3 and had a big hill on my first 3 min run, but I got through it, though thought I would never recover- the 3rd run was a breeze, such a difference in just a week so you can do it, dig deep and you will get there . I haven't looked at week 4 yet, I wait till my first run so I don't worry!

You can do it, you will do it and in a week you will have done it...

Well done you ...and your friend 😊😉

Yes, the plan works and is very addictive, in a good way...

You can totally do this, each run gets you ready for the next...

Keep posting so we can cheer you on😊..

I Will do Jan, thanks for the encouragement 😊


Take it slow and steady and you will be ready for each and every run!

Positivity is the answer... you are doing brilliantly and going to be just fine!

Keep posting too please:)

The programme is really carefully designed to ensure that you build on your success. So as you have done week two you are definitely ready to complete week 3 next week. Go you...

Tracey73 in reply to Razouski

Thank you.... I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow & seeing how I manage it 😀🤞🏻

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